100+ 14 august dp for Facebook 2019- Happy Independence Day Dps

100+ 14 august dp for facebook 2019- Happy Independence Day dps have been selected for you by Toppak.com. images (7)We are trying to help you to create a beautiful green profile on indepence day. As we all know our leaders has to make lots of sacrifices to get this beautiful country for us images (6)where we can move freely and live according to the way we want under the teaching of Islam images (5)so we should pay tribute to them by showing green color every where as on the flag of Pakistan green color represents muslim community. images (4)Facebook is the most active social media in all over the world but you can also set your display pictures on other social media to represent love and affection for your most beautiful countryimages (3) where you have the freedom to do whatever you want. It is just possible because of the efforts of our great leaderimages (2) Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah that we became an independent Pakistani citizens now a days. downloadAlama Iqbal was motivational poet who put idea of Great Pakistan in the minds of muslim community.images (1) Muslims are now free in their own country which is blessing of Almighty Allah. Happy-Pakistan-Independence-Day-HD-WallpaperWe all are blessed enough to be a part of Islamic State Pakistan.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Now it is our duty to put maximum effort to make our country good. Keep it clean, help poor people to remove poverty from your country.

Getting Pakistan was not easy task. Congress was not in the favor of Pakistan14-August-2015-Independence-day-Pictures and was fully against the two nation theory. As the two nation theory describes that sub-continent is not for only one nation there are two nations hindu and muslims. 11856529_854091414645466_2306180107635971693_oHindus have their own cultures and way of livings and muslims have their own cultures and way of praying and celebrating festivals. 358849,xcitefun-happy-independence-pakistan-dayThey can’t be together. Muslims need separate land for completing their way of livings and to follow the rules that have set by Allah who is the creator of this world, and live their lives according to their God’s rules.14th-August-Sms-Messages-Sayings-Quotes

In 1940 the All India Muslim League party was established for the rights of muslims and Quaid-e-Azam was the prominent leader of that party. 14-August-Timeline-CoverHe gathered every single muslim under one flag and started the mission of independence. 14-August-Wallpapers-7Muslim League played a decisive role during the 1940s in the Indian independence movement14-august-sms-2014-1 and developed into the driving force behind the creation of 14-august-pakistan-independence-day-wallpapers-pictures-images-facebook-2014Pakistan as a Muslim state in the South Asia. On 23rd of march the formal political statement was presented and known to be the Lahore Resolution, 14-august-pakistan-happy-independence-day-wallpaper-sms-pictures-images-facebook-fb-photos-flag-jashan-e-azadi-mubarak-2014-minar-e-pakistan-moon-star-green-profile-400x300which called on for the creation of an independent state for Muslims.14-August-Azadi-Mubarak-Wallpaper

And the very on Pakistan came into being after a lot of struggles and sacrifices on 14th august 1947.14-august-4

Pakistan ka matlab kya “LAA ILAHA ILLALLAH” long live Pakistan.14-August-HD-Wallpapers-Free-Download-6

100 + dps for Fb on Independence Day :



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