50+ Easy and simple Mehndi designs for wedding 2022

On all occasion that especially includes wedding, parties, Eid festivals mehdni is only one thing that every Asian girl really adores, it looks rally charming in wedding and this because there are tons of Mehndi designs for wedding are present on web. It is not only part of our traditional Pakistani culture but applying mehndi over your hands and feet can really tend to increase your beauty. Mehndi initially comes in the form of dry leaves then people extract different forms from it in the way they want to. Now a days mehndi is getting lots of popularity because of its amazing and well known styles. Arabic mehndi designs are very common and famous among young girls in all over the world. Mehndi is also used as hair dyeing agent and lots of women apply it over their hair to enhance their hair glow and change hair color. Mehndi also acts as a very good conditioner and removes dandruff and give natural glow to your hair by eliminating rough look. As tattoos are getting lots of popularity in new era of fashion and young girls as well as boys also like to get tattoos so in tattoos industry mehndi has also earned much important and recognition due to elegant Mehndi Makeup and designs. As we all are aware of the fact that mehndi is very important function on weddings as well. We all want to see extremely lovely and complicated but designs. For a bride it is important to get mehndi design that are heavy and give her different and beautiful look. Brides tend to get mehndi tattoos on their hands, arms, legs, feet and neck as well.  For a bride, lavish mehndi designs seem good but other girls should focus on getting simple mehndi designs as they look more elegant and sophisticated. Simpler design take very less time to get it apply over your hands and by doing some practices and following some specific techniques you can apply it on your own there is no need to visit beauty salon to get it done. Here we have collected amazing and beautiful mehndi designs for your hands and feet. Mostly mehndi designs include thumbs and index fingers and these types of styles look very elegant on engagement function as well. If you want people to pay attention to your hands and feet then apply simple and elegant mehndi designs over them. Now a days, sangeet and mayun functions are also getting popularity among people so girls also apply mehndi on sangeet and mayun function of their friends and relatives. Several other designs that include applying mehndi on any hand and all of these designs look very simple and elegant. As your hands are centre of attention of on any event so pay special attention and take care of them.  It looks really very attractive to apply mehndi over ring finger and it gives your very gorgeous and stylish look. You can also match your mehndi design with any of the special and beautiful nail art you want to get. This will generate a perfect match. In Pakistan all young girl loves to get floral prints on their hands and feet and this patterns is very easy to generate for anyone. You can enhance beauty of your feet by applying different mehndi patterns. We have selected 50 easy and simple mehndi designs for wedding 2016.

Easy and simple Mehndi designs for wedding 2016

Arabic Mehndi Designs:

weeding mehndi design 2016 bridal-mehndi-designs-for-left-hand wedding arabic-mehndi-designs-for-hands-9 Arabic-Mehndi-Designs-7-7 Arabic-mehndi-design-2016-11 arabic-mehndi-design-18 Arabic_Mehndi_Deisngs_2016_8

Arabic mehndi designs are easy to apply and look very attractive and simple. Because of their simplicity and uniqueness it has got lots of popularity among young girls in all over the world.

Indian Mehndi Designs:

simple-indian-hand-mehndi-design-for-eid-black-mehandi 2

Mehndi Designs for wedding


Indian-Mehndi-Designs-5 indian-mehndi-designs 6 Indian-Mehndi-Designs 3 Flower-Indian-Mehndi-Design-for-Full-Hands 1

Indian mehndi designs are very diversified and got lots of popularity among young girls especially on traditional functions. All Indian mehndi designs are heavy and best suitable for functions like wedding. On Sangeet, holli , dewali in India girls tend to apply mehndi on their hands and feet. There are many beautiful and latest finger Mehndi designs for as well, which girls love to apply on their fingers.

Floral Mehndi Designs:

As floral patterns gives very natural and amazing look to your hand these designs are very easy to apply. Different kind of filling and shading techniques are used to create different effects. Professional beautician can really merge different techniques to generate best outfit.

3 6 Floral-Arabic-Mehndi-Designs-4 floral-mehndi-design 1 Floral-Mehndi-Designs-5 flower-mehndi-designs 7 mehndi-design-for-hands 2


Rajistani Mehndi Designs:

Rajistani mehndi designs are popular in all over the world because of their beauty and unique look. As in latest era of fashion every young girl wants to try amazing and unique designs so rajistani mehndi designs are best suitable for them.

leaf-mehndi-design 3 Rajsthani-marwari-punjabi-1rajastani-mehndi-designs-5 rajasthani-mehndi-design 6 rajasthani-mehndi-designs-for-feet 2 Rajasthani-Mehndi-Designs-For-Full-Hands-4 Rajsthani-marwari-punjabi-1


Geometric Mehndi Designs:

Geometric mehndi design is popular in all over the Pakistan especially on functions like weddings and engagements. These designs are best suitable for brides as these are quite complicated. It is essential to apply mehndi patterns on bridal’s hand and feet to complete their over all look and it helps a lot to enhance their beauty.

2 4 Best-bridal-Mehendi-Designs-6 Geometrical-Mehendi-Designs 1 mehendi-designs 3 mehndi-designs-for-hands-5 Rajasthani-Mehndi-Designs7

Tikka Mehdni Designs:

Tikka mehndi designs are very easy to make and with very little practice at home, you can make these designs on your own. It look very ethic and glamorous to start apply tikka design on hand and then move to your arm. You can also apply same approach on your feet. Just start from middle and end at tips to make elegant and beautiful tikka mehndi design.

Tikka Mehdni Designs7

Tikka Mehdni Designs4

Tikka Mehdni Designs4

Tikka Mehdni Designs3Tikka Mehdni Designs2

Tikka Mehdni Designs1


Peacock Mehndi Designs:

Peacock mehndi design patterns are also combination of bit complicated styles so these are best suited for brides. Usually brides apply these designs on their feet to complete their over all look. As wedding is most important and memorable day in the life of every young girl so it is very important to look centre of attention on that day so complete your look by applying awesome and unique mehndi designs.

4 colourful-peacock-mehndi-designs6 Pakistani-peacock-Mehndi-Design1 peacock-mehndi-designs-for-hand2 peacock-mehndi-designs-for-hands3

As time is passing, lot of new trends have been introduced to complete over all look of mehndi designs. Like glitter mehndi is getting lots of popularity now a days especially on wedding functions and parties. It looks very stylish and amazing. Mecca mehndi designs are also getting lots of recognition among young girls especially on wedding functions. It also looks trendy to apply different stones and beads on your hand with mehndi according to color of your dress. It gives amazing look to your hand if done properly. Usually beauticians make perfect combination to give perfect look.

Mehndi Designs :- 


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