Amazing Makeup Tips For Hot Summer Season

As we all know that summer season is very hot in Pakistan. Every girl needs to know about make up tips that can keep their skin refresh and glowing. Sunny day can make your skin oily, rough and dull based on your skin type. Excessive heat can damage sensitive skin cells. Girls use different kind of sun blocks to keep their skin protected from heat and direct exposure to sunshine. Sun rays can damage body cells that results in leaving dark color patches on you skin. Branded make up can contain ingredients that can keep your skin fresh for longer period of time. Every woman, especially working women need to go out every day so they put great focus to get flawless  skin. They didn’t have enough time to take care of their skin so they need immediate solution for that. It is very necessary to remove make up and excessive oil from skin before going to sleep. Cleansing lotion is used to remove waterproof makeup, it cleans pores. Milk can be mixed with lemon to make an amazing cleansing milk that can be really beneficial for your skin. We will share some tips with you that can keep your skin tone fine.

Tips for Hot Summer Season :

  • Apply sun block lotion on your skin. You need to combat oil, for this purpose you can use a golden mineral powder. You need bronze to save your skin from sunburn. Sunburn can be very sever in some cases. Bronzes will eventually give you tan free skin.
  • Don’t use heavy make up on your skin . Use cream or good moisturizing lotion to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Highlighter is used to get flawless and healthy skin. Flawless and fine skin tone attracts everyone. Highlighter is used on check bones to make them prominent.
  • As sun rays can damage your skin so always try to choose water proof mascara and eye liner. Choose a light layer of eye shadows. Water proof make up can stay for longer period of time. Don’t use deep set eye make up.
  • Prefer not to use gloss in summers as skin is already oily. Choose light color of lipsticks in summers and dark colors in winters.
  • Try to use primer to keep your skin fresh for long time. Take a little amount of primer, apply it over your skin and make it even on your skin to get a natural look. 

You can really save yourself form heat and sun if you carefully follow all these tips.





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