Amazing Tutorial To Wrap Hijab Around Round Faces

There are amazing Turkish styles are available for narrow faces and round faces as well. Girls also try to wear under caps so that it does not cover part of their forehead. Girls try to keep there under caps visible by keeping hijab away from their head a bit. We are here to provide amazing tutorials for your round faces that wont give layering effect to your face and don’t make it long lengthen. Super tight hijab tend to cover your forehead more and make your cheeks more prominent. So there are always stylish ways to wear hijabs that make you look like a queen. It is very difficult to find hijab tutorial for round face but Top Pak has done research for you to provide amazing and stylish look to your face. Loveliest and gorgeous hijab wearing styles are available for girls with round faces. We have collected some easy and impressive hijab tutorial for round faces that will be done using pashmina, chiffon and cotton scarfs. These styles will look amazing on you all of these are worth a try.

Hijab Around Round Faces

how to wear hijab for round face

hijab-style-2017 hijab-style-2017-18 hijab-styles

differen hijab styles for round face


First step is to place the scarf on your head. Collect pins as chiffon or any other kind of scarf requires pins to style them up. Different kind of styled up scarfs are also available in the market with rose and other stylish accessories.

Now take the long end of your scarf opposite to short and wrap it on your head toward other side.

Pin up the shorter side. And also pin up the longer side after wrapping it across your head. That is the complete look for simplest and most amazing hijab styles ever. This looks simple and equally stylish for you.

For wearing Square Style Scarf:




Place the scarf over your head and pin at across your neck. Do similar way and wrap longer part around your head. Now take both ends and grab them towards back and pin them over there. This can be clearly seen from the image given below.

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