Ameer ud Din Medical College Lahore

Science is the collectives of experiments, hypothesis, theories and postulates, which are comprises of human being’s life. And this field is very vast and getting progress day by day among students. Mostly in other countries, students are only facilitated to study engineering and medical and the vision of commerce is bit low. Medical is diagnosis and treatment of ailment. In our youth, many pupils are crazy for medical due to its demand in modern era. From childhood, it becomes a concept for a student that he has to achieve the target and get the degree of MBBS. In Pakistan it is becoming tradition. Because of increase in the number of applying students the merit goes high and that’s why it is not possible for some students to get admission into there.

The trend to get degree of MBBS is becoming more and more common in the modern era.. It is a medical college that is offering many undergraduate courses in medical sciences. It is established with the initiative of CM Shehbaz Sharif to raise quality of education. That’s why, Private medical colleges are offering medical with excellent educational standard. The motto of the college is devotion, education, research. The students admitted each year are 400 MBBS. It was named after memorable surgeon to pay him honor Prof. Ameer-ud-din who was professor of surgery at King Edward medical college.

Location Of Ameer ud Din Medical College Lahore :-

It is located at Abdur Rehman Chughtai Road, Jail Road, Lahore. It was found in 2011.It is affiliated with PGMI, PMDC and UHS. It includes in top six public colleges of Lahore. It is approved by the ministry of health. Lahore General Hospital is also attached with college.

Admission Procedure:-

Ameer ud din medical college is waiting for all those students who are creating and motivated to make their future in medical. Admission is entirely based upon merit. Students from any province of Pakistan, foreigners and abroad Pakistani can fill out application form according to requirements. The applicant must secure 60% marks in (pre-medical) or equivalent exam. Candidate have to appear in UHS test University of health sciences, that is an internationally recognized institute, student’s centered, research based on more than 70 colleges and almost 49,000 undergraduate and 4500 postgraduate students registered written test or in case of foreigner they acquire SAT score of 550 marks as substitute of UHS test. The documents attached with the application form are: metric certificate, FS.c certificate domicile certificate, four passport size photos, evidence of overall look in UHS obtain test.

 Seats are available for open merit, self-finance, seats for physically effected/disabled persons, seats for the students who belongs to village and there is no such resource through which his or her parents can afford fees but the if the students have guts so they can take admission by appearing in their test, like there are seats of FATA students, there are also for foreign students who can appear in their specific test that is only made for them. The selection will be made on the basis of merit and availability of seats .After the selection, there will be the interview of students who have passed the written test. And all the dues must be paid by the due date, after that dues will be taken with the submission of fine too or if there is too late in fee submission then university has the right to allocate your seat to someone else. In spite of all this, the candidate must have judging power and he or she should be aware of the current affairs of country they will help in interview, students should have conceptual and intellectual power.

Departments :-

The following departments are offered to the students:-

MBBS biosciences, medicine’s study, forensic lab medicine, pathology, pharmacology, physiology. Many medicine and allied departments are also present. Cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology and metabolism, general medicine, Neurology, pediatrics, preventive medicine, psychiatry, pulmonology, radiotherapy,urology, and cardiac surgery.

Fee Structure:-

Pakistan Medical and dental council in its 139 session decided to categorize all medical and dental colleges in group A and B. Fee and other charges are applied according to these groups. Sports and extra-curricular charges are also applied. Ameer-ud-din medical college lies in group B.And all colleges in category B are not allowed to increase the fee.It will remain Rs.642000/- per year. All the charges are according to the policy of Punjab.And all the dues are to be submitted in the time. Otherwise, admission will be cancelled out.

Ranking of Ameer ud Din Medical College Lahore:-

It is taught to every student in his childhood that he has to become doctor in future. So, when they grow up it becomes their desire. To fulfill their desire they try their best to put their efforts. And they want to get admission in top medical college. Ameer-ud-din medical college is among top 11 colleges. It got this ranking by providing good teaching faculty to students and managing educational standards. Ranking is a the base of any educational institute, because it is known by its position in to top rankings universities, facilitate environment, best teaching faculty, well managed labs and providing nation with professionals graduates that can serve the nation.

Extra-Curricular Activities:-

To encourage them in their abilities and provide them other useful tasks other than education, various extra-curricular activities are carried out.Literary society, sports society, dramatic club, speeches, hiking, social welfare society and many other programs are held every year for the students.

Research Labs :-

The labs are provided with each facility. The students getting admission in college will benefit from high-quality teaching expertise of the faculty members and comfortable classrooms as well.The institute has various research labs. Like anatomy, Biochemistry, Chemical Pathology, Physiology and Forensic Medicine. Other than that, there is also audio visualize department that facilities the teachers and researches in their research.

Committees :- 

Different committees to maintain discipline are working within the college like ethical committee for basic discipline, ethical committee for clinical discipline, career development and counseling committee, academic/timetable/curriculum committee, medical education and research committee, technical advisory committee, disciplinary and students committee, library committee, purchase/repair committee, inspection committee, hostel committee, sports committee, extra curriculum committee(Debates-Audio visual), waste management committee and transport committee. All these committees play their role in managing respective fields so that any kind of violation of rules can be prohibited.

Teaching Hospital :-

Lahore General Hospital is attached with the college so that student can perform their training and research. It was established in 1958. The hospital is one of the largest and oldest hospitals of Lahore. Here, students can perform their practice and house-job after completion of their degree. So, it is a kind of great advantage.

Contact Details:-

Phone: 04299202089

Address: 6 Bird wood Road, Lahore.

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