Askari park karachi

There are a lot of parks in Karachi where people often visit to entertainment and enjoyment. Askari park Karachi is one the most famous and popular park in Karachi. Askari park Karachi is located at old Sabzi Mandi in Karahi, Sindh, Pakistan. It is a latest public park in Karachi. It was created few years ago. It has a lot of greenery where family go for relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. Many family like to go to this park specially in the evening. Visitors can see a beautiful aquarium at there. There are some snakes shops too for visitor entertainment. It is a best place for picnic on weekends for whole family.

askari park karachiaskari park karachiaskari park karachi


Askrari park Karachi has a lot of attraction. Visitors can see a beautiful Wildlife Aquarium. It is a famous place for jogging. Jogging is only allowed at 5 PM to 11 PM and Early Morning. Reptilian House and Play Land is the top attraction places in this park. Askari park is a family park, which obviously means that you need a female member to complete the equation. Single entries are not allowed in this park. Askari park has a staff of approximately 170 people. Security system is very excellent and most of the park is managed and controlled by surveillance cameras. Security seems better as compared to other places. Aquarium is an air-conditioned and it has a great set of fish with outstanding protection. The reptilian house and aquarium are worth a visit.

beautiraful park in karachiaskari park karachiaskari park karachiaskari park karachiaskari park karachi

The park offers ticket at a very cheaper rate. The entry fee for park is only Rs.5 where as  for Wildlife Aquarium it is merely Rs.10. Askari Park also has a nice and beautiful jogging track and fee for entire month is 30 Rs only.

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