An Australian TV Host Leaves Makeup

An Australian presenter Tracey Spicer, took the challenge to gradually remove makeup to look natural after a year. Her goal? Changing the image of women on television.

Skin, hair and nails natural … Day after day, she presented antenna with makeup kept to a minimum.

During the twelve months Tracey Spicer, journalist and presenter for Australian television, has minimized the number of hours she devoted to her appearance. These changes have caused a sensation.

150 euro beauty products a week, one hour a day of preparation

Her experience came to an end on November 17th 2014. Tracey offers a cautionary tale about his years with no makeup.


“After 30 years of TV, I had become what I despise: a doll smeared wasting an hour a day, and nearly 150 euro a week to wear a mask,” she wrote in an article published on November 16, 2014 the website Daily life.

“I intend to reclaim my time, I spent a day before to change my appearance,” says the journalist.

Her next challenge: to stop shaving your legs to straighten hair!

Tracey Spicer while the roller in a video posted

In January 2014 before hundreds of people, Tracey had removed her makeup, brushing his defeated, sent roll her high heels and pulled her tight dress. This video has since been viewed more than 900,000 times. At 8 minutes, the presenter goes “naked”.

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