There are many medical colleges in Lahore but Avicenna medical college Lahore includes in top ranked private medical colleges. As science is the collectiveness of experiments, hypothesis, theories and postulates, which is developed just for the sake of our people in society who want to know about science and have some desires to discover more things. And there are a lot of study in the science field like medical sciences, engineering sciences and management sciences etc. Medical is basically a field in which students are learned how to manage the critical situation of human health, and how to cure it. Nowadays everyone is interested in medical sciences because there is a status of doctor in our society and just for this reputation students enter in this field, reputation is not all about this, it can be a symptom but some of students want to server humanity they want to know that how they can cure the diseases and saves someone’s life. Because of the large number of students that are applying in medical sciences, the merit goes up.

Many medical colleges like university college of medicine & dentistry Lahore,   CMH Medical College Lahore, king edward medical university Lahore are offering medical. One of them is Avicenna medical college. It is private medical college and with UHS affiliation. It is approved by ministry of health. The hospital is also attached with it called Aadil Hospital and it is  used as training and teaching hospitals. Its purpose is to inspire, educate and produce such graduates that are best at learning and they do their best for someone’s life. It will live up to the name of “Abu Ali SinaBalkhi ” and will be a model for excellence for the incoming years.


It was established in 2009. It is located at Bedian Road, DHA, Lahore. The fresh campus of Avicenna medical college and hospital is positioned at 15 mins drive through phase 5 with glorious building. Its affiliations include PMDC and UHS. The first batch got degree in 2014.



The building of college is provided with every facility. There are 6 lecture theatres each with space for 150 students, 2 examination hall. Classrooms have their own multimedia, over-head projector, computers, air-conditioners and fans. Cafeteria, Library and labs are present.

Admission Procedure in Avicenna medical college 

Avicenna medical college is much helpful for the one who wants to join this college just because they want to learn the medical sciences through its peak. Admission is based based upon merit. There are the complete and proper procedure for the students of Pakistan and foreigners too. The candidate must passed the exams with 60% marks. Candidate have to appear in written test or in case of foreigner they acquire SAT score of 550 marks as substitute of UHS test.


Avenna medical college Lahore is among the top 6 medical colleges of Lahore. It got this ranking by providing good teaching staff to students and managing educational standard. Ranking is at the based on the standard and discipline that everyone needs to maintain whether they are students or teachers.

Extra Curricular Activities

College also arranges some extracurricular activities for the grooming and development of personality of students and facilitating them with a platform that matters for their development. There are speeches, seminars, sports gala etc. these types of activities encourage the students to perform well in exam too, to enjoy these things in future too.

Fee Structure of Avicenna medical college 

After selection, fee is paid at the time of admission. The fee includes examination fee Rs.5000/, verification fee, processing charges, registration fee, photograph fee. For MBBS tuition 600,000 per year, admission fee is 50,000 per year and transport fee is 60,000 per year. Sports and extra-curricular charges are also applied. All the dues have to be submitted within the due date, after that fee will not be accepted and admission will be cancelled out.

Programs offered

The institute is offering admissions in the following departments

MBBS,Anatomy, Pathology, forensic medicine and toxicology, biochemistry, medicine, radiology, surgery, pharmacology, orthopedics,ophthalmology, community medicine , ENT, pediatrics, Dermatology. The fields are increasing with the passage of time.


Abdual Waheed Scholarship-Type 1

This scholarship is awarded to deserving students for the encouragement of their talent. It is given at merit base to the needy students. Scholarship is granted to extent of 50% to that student who gets highest grades in class and 2 students receive 25% scholarship ( at 2nd and 3rd position).

Abdual Waheed Scholarship –Type 2

As many poor students cannot pay fee in private medical college. Two students will be educated without tuition fee and any other charges .College spend almost 30 lakh for each student for the 5 years.

Abdual Waheed Trust-Financial Assistance

It awards Rs.50,000/- for children of widows. For the students who secure marks greater than 1000 get Rs.100,000 and those having marks 975-1000 get scholarship of Rs.75,000/- and so on.

Hostel Accommodation:

For the students from far areas, hostel facility is available on campus .Hostel accommodation is provided to both girls and boys. Currently, girl’s hostel has capacity for 300 students and boys for 120 students. The hostel fee is to be paid along with college fee at the time of admission. Hostel charges are as follow: Hostel fee (room rent) Rs.6000/- per month, Mess charges Rs.5500/- per month and miscellaneous charges Rs.2500/- per month.

Rules and Regulations:

1:  UHS attendance criteria:

According to UHS, students who have their attendance less than 75% will not be allowed to appear in the examination. In case of absence without leave,fine will be applied as Rs.1000/- per day.

2: Political activity:

Any sort of political activity, press conference, unions, associations, leagues are not allowed in the campus and those who violates the rule will be given severe punishment.

3: Hostel Rules:

In hostel, Students have to maintain discipline like cleanliness of rooms.No guest are allowed to the room.


Chairman: AbdualWaheed Sheikh

Principal: Dr.Attiya Mubarak Khalid

Dean: Dr.RehanaShahid

Address: 1X DHA ,Bedian Road Lahore

Exchange: +92 322 840 0971-9

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