Bans Road In Karachi Pakistan

Bans Road In Karachi Pakistan is mostly the crowded area, there are bunches of people who come here just to enjoy their lives and to eat food of type they want. Mostly people come here to eat spicy foods as it is also known as food street. People who works in offices or who are labor everyone come here to eat food as there are a lot of desi foods. There are many hotels and people are also making food on stalls and other come here and eat.

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People who want to enjoy in the shortage of money, visit there and here they enjoy at the peak and the prices of meals here are just affordable. This street is famous for their Bar B Q system. There are kabaab, chicken tikka and other spicy foods that people eat in their daily life at their walking.

Mostly shopkeepers used to carry food for their families from here as it includes a lot of dishes like Haleem is famous in this street. Halwa poorhi in breakfast is famous here. Other sweets are also delicious. As the picture shows that street is crowded so it completely shows that the food which is here is fresh because people used to eat here and they didn’t store their meals like some of restaurants do that’s why this street is also famous for taste as fresh food has its own taste. Port Grand Karachi is also very famous place to visit. 






Students also visit there and enjoy the spicy food and do a lot of fun here as it’s the place for fun. And without food, dun is also tasteless. So the food stalls of bans road add charm to the beauty of enjoy. Everyone who visits Karachi should visit here because the food here and how it cooked shows Pakistani culture as it’s totally a desi food corner.

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