Beautiful Eid Decoration Designs

As Eid ul fitar is an upcoming religious events and being a muslim , we celebrate it with respect and love. Every muslim fast and follow all islamic rules and regulations during Ramadan ul mubrik and waits for beautiful event of Eid Ul Fitar. Everyone puts lots of effort to decorate their beautiful home for sacred eid event. Beautiful Eid Decoration Designs have been selected for you, you can follow these ideas to easily decorate your home. All the expenditure increase by 50 % due to inflation in ramadan so it becomes tough for everyone to save money to put up home decorations. You can choose simple things available at home to give your home a style boost that will really help you to enjoy this beautiful event. Home decoration is very important when you are doing Eid preparations. During the holy month of Ramdan, people send beautiful and simple Eid cards to express their love to their friends and loved ones. It is a great way to send blessing and prayers. Girls spend lots of time in doing Eid shopping, they buy beautiful and stunning eid dresses, buy matching shoes and jewelry item. They select best salon in the city to get a make up appointment on Eid day. Boys also purchase beautiful Kurtas for Eid. Decorating your home will satisfy your mind and give you ultimate happiness to spend eid with your lovely family members and friends. You just need to pay some time, it will also assist you to save extra money. On Eid, if you simply clean your home, put fresh flowers , change room setting a little bit, put colored chats on wall, this can give very fresh and new look to your home.







Decoration Idea on Eid

Combination of lights and charts can be used to lighten up your house and make it colorful. Put colorful curtains on the walls, it will give completely different and new look to your room. This may cause you lot of expense to get new curtains for the entire home. There is no need to do that, if you cannot afford the expense, simply wash your old curtains, add some stylish lace to these curtains, it will look very beautiful and stylish. You will be able to get a sense of immense satisfaction in the room after only decorating your windows.




Pakistani men ride past a mosque decorated to celebrate the birthday of Prophet Mohammed in Karachi on December 23, 2015. The birthday of Prophet Mohammed, also known as 'Milad', is celebrated during the Islamic month of Rabi al-Awwal, which falls on December 24, 2015 in Pakistan. AFP PHOTO / Rizwan TABASSUM






Red Eid Sign HP




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