Best Drinks For Ramadan

As Ramadan Kareem is coming  soon and people are planning a lot to celebrate this event with religious enthusiasm and happiness. Girls plan to make lots of recipes and drinks for Sahur and Iftar. Refreshing soft drinks for Ramadan are most wanted thing for every human being. Ramadan provides us opportunity to cleanse our soul and stay pious in this Islamic month. We will give you idea about Best Drinks For Ramadan. You need to follow some tips to avoid getting thirsty in hot summer season in Pakistan.

Watermelon smoothie is best soft drink to keep your body hydrated during hot summer season. 

Best Drinks Recipes List

Watermelon And Banana Smoothie Recipe :

Ingredients :

  • Two cups of watermelon seedless.
  • One banana.
  • Two Cups fresh Spinach leaves.
  • Half cup of water.

Cooking Instructions :

Mix all the available ingredients and grind it well to make even smoothie. Add more water to make it more juicy according to your taste. Yummy watermelon and banana smoothie is ready. Enjoy the best drink during Iftar.


Plum Juice Recipe :

Ingredients :

Add everything in a grinder and mix it well to make a paste. Add milk as you desire to make juicy drink. This is very good drink and it will keep you hydrated for longer period of time. And it is very healthy in Ramadan Kareem. 


Mango Smoothie Recipe :

  • One cup of sliced mango
  • Half cup of milk
  • Half cup ice
  • Low Fat Yogurt
  • Honey

Mix all the ingredients well and add into grinder. Grind it well to make even paste. Add milk to make juice as you desire. Enjoy drinking best smoothie and stay healthy and fit in Ramadan Kareem.


Watermelon and Apple Smoothie Recipe :

  • Two cups of watermelon seedless.
  • One apple, finely chopped
  • One pear
  • Two Cup fresh green spinach
  • Water as you desire

Mix all the ingredients and grind it well to make even and smooth paste. Add water as you desire to make juice. This is very healthy drink for Iftar during Ramadan especially. Enjoy drinking best watermelon and apple smoothie.


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