Bluetooth Headsets to use in Noisy Wedding

When you are attending the Asian wedding you are well aware of the Asian wedding fun. With the fun, there may be a lot of issues for example if someone rings you on the cell phone you cannot listen properly so you must need high-quality Bluetooth headsets.

You can also use it to listen to your music and make other calls with ease, more and more manufacturers are now offering wireless headsets and headphones.

Some of these headsets and Bluetooth headphones even have NFC technology for faster pairing to your smartphone and integrate the aptX audio codec to boost the sound transmission quality. The more detail about headphones is present in a headphones directory website like prices, durability, compatibility etc.

If you have an iPhone, note that you will not have the aptX codec, but rather AAC compression (iTunes and Apple Music). Also, note that Apple’s NFC chip can only be used for Apple Pay.

The two main disadvantages of Bluetooth headsets and headphones are poor quality sound compared to wire and a battery that must not forget to recharge

Some headphones from our selection come with a cable, which allows them to be used with devices that do not have Bluetooth technology.

Here are some examples of the best headsets to use at weddings.

 Bose QC35 II

The manufacturer Bose has taken into consideration all the criticisms made on the first generation of its wireless headsets.

With the Bose QC35 II, it is now possible to reduce or disable noise reduction. The Google Assistant has also been integrated, which is a real asset seduction for Android users.

The Bose QC35 II is very comfortable and even if it weighs 310 g, its weight feels little thanks to its padded ear cups. The sound is superb. The bass, vocals, and instruments are very clear.

If you already have the first generation model then you do not need to buy this one.

Do you want to upgrade to a higher range? Then the Bowers & Wilkins PX would be a very good alternative.

Samsung A2DP  

Samsung has the best one for weddings called best a2dp Bluetooth headset.  It is small, light, and comfortable and delivers excellent sound quality. They are also equipped with noise reduction technology, which you will not find on other headphones of the same category.

Also, depending on whether you are on the move or in transport, its intelligent adaptive control listening function automatically adjusts the noise reduction.

The defects of this truly wireless intra-auricular (True Wireless) are of occasional losses of connection, a design a little outdated and their lack of waterproofing.

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