Amazing Pakistani Bridal Makeup Tips With Pictures

We have collected some amazing and beneficial bridal makeup tips for you that will really help you to do an amazing makeup. always come up with ideas that are really useful for you, you can try all these ideas at home as well. Many top artists working in Pakistan like Musarat Misbah’s Depilex salon is famous in all over the world for her quality of work and amazing inventions in make up.  By applying make up ourselves we can get lots of satisfaction.

Bridal Makeup Tips

Bridal Makeup Tips bridal-makeup-tips-with-pictures-2017 bridal-makeup-tips-with-pictures-for-woman

Young girls are very conscious about their looks and they want to look very beautiful in casual and formal events. Especially wedding day is considered most special day in the life of every young girl that is the reason she wants to look perfect and queen of the day on most special event in her life. Lots of cosmetics are available at every good branded store, their prices varies based on the brand from medium range to expensive.

You can choose brand that is not very expensive but can also keep you protected from dangerous effects of make over. Another important thing is that always clean your make over before going to sleep else it may lead to acne and make your skin look rough and dry.

Skin color and type of every young girl is different so base and foundation should be chosen accordingly. Apply foundation on your face and merge it thoroughly to create beautiful merge and soothing skin.

After that you can apply face powder if your skin is oily. It will really help to keep your skin dry and let the make up stay over skin for longer period of time.


You should also apply nail paint with beautiful art. Nail paint should match with your dress color. Every bride should wear dark colors on barat and they can wear light color on their walimas.

Clear complexion is very important to have neat and beautiful make over. By neatly contouring your nose and cheeks you can actually look very beautiful in every day life.



Now start applying beautiful eye make over. Usually smokey eye make up look very elegant and dramatic and is very famous among young girls now a days. You can also apply shimmery glitter make up on your barat as it looks very beautiful. For dark dress color , light color eye shades with golden shimmery glitter tone look more beautiful and perfect.

Don’t focus on wear too much jewellery because you are a bride. Either try to get simple and elegant jewellery as it makes you look more beautiful and looks natural as well.



Now start applying lipsticks and blush-on. Red or maroon color lipstick look amazng on red as well as golden color dresses. Every bride on barat should try to wear red lipstick. Now day’s girls also like to use pale colors on their weddings, but try to choose color that also matches to your skin. You can try it before wedding to check which color suits you most.




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