Butlers Chocolate Cafe Karachi

Butlers Chocolate Cafe Karachi is a place where you can have what you want, like here you can have coffee, continental, fast food and the most especially deserts with your friend, mates and also with your family member as this café provides protecting environment and they care for your privacy.

The interior of this café is just amazing and awesome, when you step into it you are like wow. The shape of counters and place where people use to have their item is like no other café can compete them as they maintain their standard in market and are well known in their meal as they provide the things with quality and that match their standard. There are many other beautiful Places in Karachi like Lal QilaZero Degree Cafe etc.

Famous personalities like politicians, drama actors and actresses, and business men also visit Butlers Chocolate Cafe. They are known for their service. As long as it is the place for celebrities, they also maintain their self to entertain other people too, who visit there in their daily routine. Their prices are just affordable.

Best Coffee Cafe Butlers Cafe in Karachi :

Some of their famous deserts are as follow:

Fried Oreo, Butlers Chocolate Sandwich with a Shimmy Shake, Banana Slipped, Pancake Stack etc and the most demandable Strawberry.

Other than these deserts this café also provide breakfast with good and demandable quality. It provides banana nut waffles, butlers signature waffels, cheese & mushroom omelette, classic pancakes and traditional breakfast waffles.

There starter is also not less than their other meals as it includes the delicious mozzarella sticks and chicken strips and adding other things to it like French fries, spicy chicken wings and the famous butlers chicken salad.





Quality of sandwiches are there like butlers club sandwich is known in the people and including more like turkey club sandwich, spicy chicken sandwich and honey mustard chicken etc.

Other than these quality dishes they offer soups, beverages and savories etc.

At the end we can only say that it’s the best place ever to visit and enjoy with family member and also for bachelors gathering also, must visit there and enjoy your time and make that moments memorable.

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