Menu Suggestions for Iftar Party

As Ramadan Kareem is coming soon. People are making lots of plan to celebrate this holy month with great respect. This holy month really helps every muslim to cleanse and purify their souls. Refreshing soft drinks are most wanted in Ramadan. Sweet dishes and desserts are also liked by everyone especially in Ramadan. People usually … Read more

Best Drinks For Ramadan

As Ramadan Kareem is coming  soon and people are planning a lot to celebrate this event with religious enthusiasm and happiness. Girls plan to make lots of recipes and drinks for Sahur and Iftar. Refreshing soft drinks for Ramadan are most wanted thing for every human being. Ramadan provides us opportunity to cleanse our soul … Read more

Tips to Avoid Getting Thirsty in Ramadan

As everyone knows that water is most import fluid for human body and it really helps to replenish thirsty feel during hot summer seasons. Unfortunately, people don’t drink lots of water in Ramadan Kareem , it may lead to dehydration. People only prefer to drink water during Iftar and then wait for the next day to … Read more

Sweet Dishes Recipes For Ramadan

As Ramadan Kareem is one of the most sacred and respectful month for all the muslims. They offer special prayers during ramadan to earn reward from Almighty Allah. Everyone celebrate eid with religious enthusiasm. Girls get beautiful and stunning Eid dresses for themselves also they buy matching bangles with it to beautify themselves. Boys get … Read more

Refreshing Drinks Recipes For Ramadan

As heat is increasing day by day in Pakistan and it is very hard to keep your body hydrated in this summer. People try to add lots of drinks in their diet to stay healthy and fresh. As Ramadan Kareem is also on its way so we have decided to share Refreshing Drinks Recipes For Ramadan … Read more