Ghanta Ghar History Faisalabad Pakistan

Ghanta Ghar History Faisalabad Pakistan

The Faisalabad Clock Tower is a clock tower in Faisalabad,Faisalabad is also known as the Manchester of Pakistan and is one of the antique monumentsstill present in its original state from the period of the British reign. It was built by the British, when they ruled much of the sub continent during the nineteenth century. Ghanta Ghar History Faisalabad Pakistan is full of … Read more

Gatwala Park Faisalabad Pakistan

Gatwala Wildlife Park is a park, botanical garden and breeding center located in the town of Gatwala in Faisalabad. It is located near Khurrianwala and 87 miles away from Lahore Zoo. Gatwala Forest Park is a huge compound of houses forest areas, parks, lakes and administrative buildings of the Ministry of Forestry, Government of Pakistan. It is established on the Shiekhupura Road also now as … Read more

Famous Big Cities of Pakistan

Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a country where people practice Islam as a dominant religion. It is situated in South Asia sharing borders with India, Afghanistan and China on three sides with Arabian Sea on the fourth side. Highlighted famous big cities of Pakistan, among a few others, include Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Faisalabad, … Read more