Mehndi Thaals And Plates Decoration Ideas

Mehndi Thaals And Plates Decoration Ideas

For mehndi function on wedding ceremonies people use trendy plates and very classy mehndi plates/ thaal designs. These mehndi plates and thaals are decorated with candles, mehndi , shine and colorful papers. These decorated mehndi plates 2017 enhance beauty of mehndi function. Girls carry these plates in the function, walk towards the bride and places … Read more

Wedding Room Decoration Ideas In Pakistan 2019

Wedding Room Decoration

We have selected some of the most amazing and best wedding Room ideas for recording your room in very beautiful and romantic ways. In the life of every man and woman, wedding is the most important event. They both dream about the most special day of their lives.New life of wedding couple start after beautiful … Read more

Best And Beautiful Walima Dresses For Groom In 2019

Best Walima Dresses Designs

Wedding is most special and memorable day of everyone’s life, so everyone want to look elegant and stylish on their wedding. People usually spend lots of money on their wedding ceremony. Main thing to do in any wedding ceremony is food, stage decoration and dresses collection. The main focus for brides and groom is choice … Read more

Pakistani Mehndi Multi Colored Gota Kinari Dresses

Multi Colored Gota Kinari Dresses

Gota Dresses Style and trend changes with time, it never stays same. All styles and trends keep on evolving with time, it go through certain changes and also there are different styles based on different seasons.Like people like light colors in summers and usually go for brighter collection of dresses in winter.So is the case … Read more

Latest Pakistani Mehndi Dresses For Men

Latest Pakistani Mehndi Dresses For Men

Now a days, men also focus on making their wedding dresses stylish like women, girls want to look attractive with latest Mehndi designs and dresses. Stylish, charming and unique Mehndi Kurta designs. Men want to follow latest fashionable trends. Both men and women want to look much prettier and fashionable on their wedding ceremonies as … Read more

Bluetooth Headsets to use in Noisy Wedding

When you are attending the Asian wedding you are well aware of the Asian wedding fun. With the fun, there may be a lot of issues for example if someone rings you on the cell phone you cannot listen properly so you must need high-quality Bluetooth headsets. You can also use it to listen to … Read more

Latest Pakistani Mehndi Stage Designs 2019

Latest Pakistani Mehndi Stage Designs 2019

In wedding planing every one must consider mehndi stage designs because weddings ceremony are very memorable in life of every person. In this ceremony, two people make a commitment to spend rest of their lives together. Everybody puts maximum efforts to make this event as joyful and entertaining as possible. Decorations and dresses are most important … Read more

5 Latest Trends of Wedding Photography in Lahore

Wedding Photography in Lahore has completely revolutionized as the people sought after dreamy and movie-like photography for their wedding event now. The newlyweds are no longer shy of posing together to make the most out of their wedding photography as compared to the old times where it was hard enough for the photographers to make … Read more

50+ Easy and simple Mehndi designs for wedding 2022

On all occasion that especially includes wedding, parties, Eid festivals mehdni is only one thing that every Asian girl really adores, it looks rally charming in wedding and this because there are tons of Mehndi designs for wedding are present on web. It is not only part of our traditional Pakistani culture but applying mehndi over … Read more