Different Types Of Makeup Brushes

Here are some uses of different types of makeup brushes. Makeup brushes are as important as the cosmetics we choose for our skin. They help to create a beautiful and flawless skin for all occasions. They help you to apply the makeup with great accuracy and precision. These makeup brushes create significant difference to the finished look. If you really take the beauty regimen seriously, then a set of good makeup brushes is a great investment. They are a great tool for blending which is the key to a great makeup.

Different Types Of Makeup Brushes diffrent-types-of-makeup-brushes makeup-brushes

There are 5 basic brushes that are must haves in any beauty kit-

Eyeliner Brush- This brush is used to define your upper lash-line with a shadow. This brush is little harder than rest of the brushes.

Definition Brush- It is used to define the crease of the eye. It is also helpful for applying wash of color all over the lid.

Point concealer brush- We can apply concealer using our finger to the under-eye circles. But to cover blemishes, one must use this brush. Its tip can be used to apply a tiny bit of concealer to cover any mismatched spots.

Blush Brush- Just rub this brush in the powdered blush and apply to the roundest part of your cheeks. Use the circular motions along the cheekbones and towards your hairline

Line softener foam-tip brush- This brush is used to apply the shadow to the corner of the eyes. It helps to brighten the eyes and makes you look awake and fresh.

In addition to the above, it is equally important to have the following brushes in your ladies makeup kit box.

Foundation brush- To touch up your foundation many times a day, its best to use foundation brush instead of using cosmetic sponges.

Different Types Of Makeup Brushes


Powder Brush- Brushes do not absorb a lot of powder as compared to sponges It is a big fluffy brush that helps you to dab powder all over your face.

Highlight brush- It is used to apply the eye shadow over the brow bone.

Mid-tone brush- It is a tapered brush used to apply the mid-tone to the crease of the eyes.

Eyeliner brush- It is only required if you use cream or powder eyeliner.

Contour Brush- Perfect for applying intense colors to the lash line and also into the crease.

Lash comb- Buy the metallic lash comb. It will help you separate your lashes after the wand of mascara on your lids.


Brow bush- This brush is great to shape and groom your brows.

Lip brush- It is a fine point brush to apply lipstick or lip gloss on the lips. It also helps in blending the lip liner. Check some golden Indian bridal makeup tips.

It is very important to maintain the hygiene of these brushes. You may find it a hassle, but is worth the money and effort. It is very common for bacteria to build up in them. You must wash them every few days or weeks. Use a gentle shampoo and a small amount of conditioner. You must put them flat on the ground to dry up.


You can also use the mixture of water and vinegar to clean the brushes. Mix 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water. Use this mixture to rinse the brushes. This disinfects them in a very easy way.

Brushes that are used with liquid cosmetics must be cleaned everyday. Other brushes must be cleaned as often as once a week or two weeks.

Mistakes To be Avoided

  • The brush should not be hard or stiff

    eye-mascara eye-mascara-tips
    Angled Brow Brush

    Do not use the brush with loose hair.
  • Brush must be of the appropriate size as per the area being used.
  • Always knock off the excess powder off the brush prior to applying it on your face.
  • Do not rub your brush harshly against your skin. It may do more harm than good. Use the smooth and gentle strokes against your skin.
  • Don’t forget the hygiene. As much as possible, try to use your own brushes. At the same time, take good care of them.
  • It is a good idea to buy a set of makeup brushes as a set will have all the basic brushes you will need. They usually come in a handy carrying case which is great while traveling. 

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