Easy To make Iftar Recipes

As Ramadan Kareem is coming soon, a month full of blessings and happiness for all muslim community. It provides every human being a great chance to purify their souls. We will provide you some Easy To make Iftar Recipes so that you can enjoy happy and healthy Ramadan Kareem. People usually focus more on getting refreshing and delicious soft drinks that can help to keep body hydrated and fresh. You should really try to avoid getting thirsty in Ramadan Kareem so that you can perform all obligations during fast. Sweet Dishes and dessert is also very important part of a good Iftar menu. Here are some recipes that are really easy to make and also best suitable in Ramadan. 

Special and Yummy Iftar Recipes :

Fruit Chart :


Ingredients :

• Two Pear 
• Two Oranges 
• Half cup Pomegranate seeds 
• One cup of White grapes 
• One cup of Red grapes 
• One Big Mango, finely sliced
• Three to four Bananas 
• Salt as you desire
• Half cup Sugar
• Chili powder
• Chat masala 
• 2 tablespoons lemon juice.
• 2 tablespoons Orange Juice

Instructions To Make Fruit Chart :

Slices apples and pears in medium sized chunks and keep it in a bowl. Peel of mango and finely slice it. Peel of oranges, remove seeds and divide it into two segments. Mix grapes in the bowl. Peel off banana and cut it into small pieces.  Sprinkle little amount of sugar,salt and chart masala on all the fruits. Also mix lemon juice and orange juice. Yummy fruit chart is ready. Save it in cool place before serving.

Pakora Recipe :


Ingredients :

  • Two slices of bread crumbled
  • Whipped yogurt around 5 table spoons
  • Chili powder half table spoon. 
  • Salt half table spoon
  • Four green chilies finely chopped
  • Four table spoons of coriander leaves
  • Half tablespoon cumin seeds
  • Half Cup of Gram Flour

Instructions to Make Pakoras :

Remove hard sides of bread slices and crumble these slices into smaller pieces. Mix 5 table spoons of yogurt with water , add chili powder, salt, cumin seeds and coriander powder with green chillies. Add around half cup of gram flour to this batter. Mix it well with all the spices you have already prepared. Make shapes and deep fry it. Serve it with tomato and green chatney.

Dahi Bahary With Masala :


One cup Of fresh milk
Half Kg yogurt
Salt as you desire
Red Chili Powder
Black Cumin
Chart Masala

You can get Baray from market as well and make chatney at home to mix it well with that. If you want to prepare at home. For Baray you need salt, cumin , soda, yellow lentils, red chili, garlic paste, onion paste and oil for deep frying it.

Instructions To Make Dahi Bahary :

Soak lentils into mater for a night and blend it with salt, red chili, cumin  and onion paste. Add around half tablespoon of soda and mix it well in a bowl. Now make shape like bahary and deep fry it in oil. Mix milk and yogurt together to make a paste. Add salt, cumin, red chili to make a mixture.  Add the prepared bahary in it and serve it chill.

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