Eid Make up Images and Videos

As on every event, girls want to look beautiful and stylish as compared to others. Eid Ul fitr is out religious festival and being a muslim, we celebrate it with great love and respect. Everyone gets busy in shopping to enjoy and have fun. Now a days, everyone is busy in their lives as there is great hustle and bustle every where. Especially fashion markets of Pakistan gets very busy near eid event. Every women like to buy elegant and beautiful party wear dress so that she can look different and charming. Matching branded shoes are also purchased. Eid Make up Images and Videos have been selected for you, these all will help you out to look beautiful and gorgeous. Girls like to buy hand bags, clutches , accessories and make up items. Young girls are crazy to buy beauty products and try different kind of make up on weddings and Eid day and every other events like wedding ceremonies. Now a days, deep set eye make is most demanding and looks fantastic and gives your eyes beautiful magical glow. On beautiful day of eid, everyone wants to look attractive and make their faces beautiful so they can attract other people. On Eid and every function, every girl want to apply make up that can stay for longer period of time and make her shine in the world. There are good quality foundations and whitening lotions that can stay for few hours. Water proof foundations and eyeshadows can still for longer time. In sunny days, make up started to get melt and oily. To help avoiding oily and smudging look on your face, we will give you some make ideas which will assist you to get a professional look on any function especially eid.




Best Make up Gallery and Videos 

There is very wrong idea among girls that foundation is used to make your complexion fair and smooth, which is not the case. Beautician only used it to fix your skin color and hide any spots and dark parts on your skin. Just use single layer of base , apply it on your skin to make it even. Multiple layers of base may result in damaging your skin. Keep your face moist and clean, it is very important. Keep your skin hydrating by applying moisturizing lotions. Never use cheap and low quality products on your skin as it may result in damaging your skin, always choose the best quality branded make up which is smooth and easy to use. Apply primer and concealer on your skin to hide dark circles , spots and acne from your skin.Every girls can apply primer and concealer around eye, cheeks and for head as it will assist to make you make up stay for longer period of time. 










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