What is the Future Of Entrepreneurship In Pakistan

Entrepreneurship means business, a business been launched by some number of people in a small organization to approach to next level. Entrepreneurs are hired by the organization and the industry or organization is not so huge that they have a lots of product. Entrepreneurship starts from a single piece like dealing with two to three peoples and then the number of people increased as organization got more products for sale or thing like that.

Entrepreneurship In Pakistan :- 


If we talk about the entrepreneurship in Pakistan first we should know about the economy of Pakistan, at what economy Pakistan lies. Pakistan is in 25th largest in terms of purchasing power and in Gross Domestic Products, Pakistan lies in the 38th largest from all over the world. Pakistan’s export product rate is high than the import’s product. In this way Pakistan is fall prey of low economy.

Here is the Pakistan’s Growth Economy Rate.                                                                                           

But if we talk about today’s scenario, Pakistan’s economy is better than the last two decades. Entrepreneurship is the best way to improve Pakistan’s economy. There is two type of entrepreneur ships. One in which there is a low investment and other one is in which there is a high investment. Many businesses in Pakistan include these two types of Entrepreneurship. Whether its low or high (Investment) depending upon the product and startup of an organization or industry.

For low investment you can start your business with a simply Teaching center or Academy center. Or you can also invest into Shop kind of a clothes, books or something else.

You can also start it with a management system, if you have four to five entrepreneurs then it would be better to organize an events like wedding events or Photo shoot events in which you can easily earn money by easy mean and with low investment.

Events allow you to manage all the things that would be done in the event. If you do better on it then you will get sponsor easily by yourself. Low investment also involves a business of teas, rice or sugar.

This could also be easy on it if entrepreneurs work in this kind of a field like selling rice, teas, sugars and the stuff like that. There are many businesses like Catering and all, depending upon the type of entrepreneurs that what kind of project they like whether it’s industrial or management system.

These were the low investment entrepreneur ships (Business). Now we talk about further businesses then we come to high investment entrepreneurship. There are several kind of businesses like export and import industry, web designing, web working, logic designing industry, software house. If these businesses are to be hold then it would be better for Pakistan’s economy like now a days export and import industries in Pakistan are on High level business. Those who invest there are probably business mind. Because they know the odds and ups are always broken. So, if their business run well and come on the level where entrepreneurs are not hired anymore. Export systems is Pakistan is always as high as industries growth. So, this helps far better than letting indulge in a business where you invest low amount and gets loss.

Here is a picture of import and export industry where products are either imported or exported. More if we talk about other business then there is also a web designing. If there is more than 4-5 people who are willing to open a industry or organization then they can also open a startup industry of Web designing where they would have employees working over there and they would do web designing and as the time passes the company or organization level increases in this way entrepreneurship increases and the chances of loss remains low. On the other hand, there would be a lot of profit and shares for all the investors no matter in how many numbers they are. Web designing allows you to design the web like how should be the page of the web displayed to the watcher and what happens after clicking on the link. The more well web is designed the more u get profit.

This was all about the web designing entrepreneurship. Now there is also an entrepreneurship of Software house. In the software house you just have to hire employees who will work harder and who gives your software house a worth. If your Software house worth better then the others in the less and mean time your profit gains not lose. In this way you will get more entrepreneurs for your software house. The more entrepreneurs you will have, the more share and the more profit you will get. If this kind of things happens then probably in 2-3 years you would have a name and in some time all of the entrepreneurs will be a millionaires. Software houses have a good edge in making money for not more investment, once you have invested in software house you will get profit for many years by no problem.

Imagine how it assumes to have a thing like that. No means by enterprising the products with the entrepreneurs. Rest, the above details were all about the Economy system of Pakistan, Entrepreneur ships meanings, types of Entrepreneurship. Low Investment Entrepreneurship and High Investment Entrepreneurship. No matter in what thing you are going or up to, you will definitely get the advantages. Moreover it has also some disadvantages but one thing is advantages over flaws. In this ways Entrepreneur ships works and business run.

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