How To Check EOBI Verification By Cnic Online

EOBI stands for Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution. The group works for the welfare and monetary

safety of personnel of their antique age. For many years, non-public in addition to public area

corporations did now no longer entertain personnel on this regard. The implementation of EOBI

regulations is this kind of essential reform. The fund collects proportions of employee’s month-to-month

revenue to serve in want at some stage in the post-retirement phase, how you could test eobi test

through cnic

You can test your gathered EOBI price range and declare them on-line. Here, its miles essential to don't

forget that the formally declared retirement age is 60 years for men, and fifty four years for women.

1. For the success verification and declare of your EOBI price range, Follow those steps.

2. Visit the EOBI

3. Click Individual Information and test your EOBI Registration quantity through the use of your CNIC

without hyphens.

4. Find all potential pensioners stated with inside the on-line database.

5. Once you discover your info on-line, you could put up the desired files to make your declare on-line.

6. The file may be dispatched to the closest nearby EOBI workplace as quickly as possible.

7. EOBI verifies your files; you'll acquire a Pension Claim shape.

8. You might be required to fill out the shape and put up it in your Regional Office.

9. EOBI will begin the declare technique to furnish the pension after receiving the shape.

10. Pension will then be granted as quickly as possible.

11. After the pension is granted, a Pension Book, Card might be issued inside 29 days.

Eobi check by cnic


The foremost files required to say EOBI price range. You want to ship those files to the Office of Director


• Documents for Insured Individuals (Alive)

• Death Certificate issued through NADRA

• EOBI Registration Card PI-03 (if available)

• Certificate

• EOBI Registration Card PI-03 (if available)

• Certificate, Proof of Employment

• Documents of Insured Individuals

• Copy of CNIC Nikah Nama of the spouse

• Proof of Employment

• Proof of dating with the deceased

Under this program, personnel who're registered pay a component in their revenue at some point of the

length in their work. The authorities make a decision on the quantity for every employee. They go back

this quantity at retirement age for use to be a pension at retirement. EOBI guarantees that their

financial savings are steady and could assist them with their later years. Benefits normally begin while

you attain the age of sixty, and comply with 14 to 21 many years of management. The consultant who

isn't with inside the personnel due to harm or infection can be eligible for an Annuity. The basis

manages personnel operating in reputable positions in Pakistan. The Employment Advanced Age Benefit


Foundation is extensively laid low with that of the Ministry of overseas Pakistanis, and HR development

is an administrative employer for authorities’ officers. It turned into mounted through EOBI with inside

the 12 months 1977 to permit public officers to provide a bonus to individuals who are on the cease in

their years.

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