Eye Make Up Tips For Beautiful Brown Eyes

Here are a few makeup tips for brown eyes look much more spectacular! If you are a brown-eyed girl it is possible to call eyeliner your best ally, which is a perfect tool to produce a more seductive and intensive look.

You can use it on upper lids and the reduced or emphasize the outer corners of the eyes. It’s always best to not use eyeliner or dark eye shadows for the inner corners of your respective eyes, as it makes them look smaller.

Instead, use bright, natural eye shadows in the inner corners of your respective eyes and make dark lines in your lids with eyeliner. Experiment with different shapes of lines and different colors of eyeliners.

Lift up your eyeliner when you find yourself drawing finishing line to give it a little twist. It makes an illusion that the eyes are almond-shaped. Navy or navy-colored line on your eyelids make your eyes look more intriguing. Proper using red eyeliner will give your eyes very warm contour and fierce look.

You may achieve the best effects if you combine eyeliner through an eye shadow of similar color. Use it to close the eyeliner line making it look like when it was smudged in your eyelids. You’re free to combine two different eye shadows, even ones with very distinctive color.

Just remember about the rule of applying the darkest colors within the outer and also the brightest colors in the inner corners of your eyes. For any finish, put 2 or 3 coats of mascara on your own lashes. Again, you’re free to use perhaps the darkest mascara, with one coat being appropriate even for a daytime look.

Brown eyes look best with equally dark brows. In case you are an organic brunette all you have to do is trim your brows. To accentuate their color and open-your eyes, use very bright, shiny and natural color underneath your brows.

If the brows have natural blond color dying it with henna is an option you should consider. Light brown henna color is recommended to all those blond-haired girls, who’ve dark, brown eyes.

Eye make up is most important part for any function or party. Every one wants to look pretty and glamorous and eyes are focal point so you can not look attractive if your eyes does not look pretty enough! In all over the world several eye make up tricks have been introduced.Every year, fashion industry brings lots of interesting eye make over ideas. Arabic make up is most demanding and very common in all over the world. Because it is very unique and gives your eyes dramatic look in elegant way. We have listed Eye Make Up Tips For Beautiful Brown Eyes so you can look pretty and gorgeous by following each of these. You can make your eyes sparkling and shinny , regardless of their original color. Brown colored eyes look very sparkle and beautiful, they play an important role to enhance your beauty and make you look queen of the day. The most wanted make up for brown eyes is Golden shades smoky make over. Deep set smoky make over is very demanding among young girls as it gives you majestic and dramatic look. Another famous tone is very demanding electric effect blue colored shades, they also look amazing on brown colored eyes. Now a days, liners in different color combinations are getting lots of popularity. If you are running out of time and cannot apply proper make over, simply apply with liner on brown color eyes makes you look perfect and stylish. But always keep in mind, don’t randomly pick up any color, always go with the color that suits your facial shape and skin tone as well.

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Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes :

Another famous eye make over is mint make over. It gives very refreshing and glowing look. Some girls think that dark smoky make over gives black look, there is an important trick, they can go with gray smokey make up.

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And while applying eye shadows over your eyes keep them as light as possible else you will end up getting heavy powder over your eyes which does not look beautiful.









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