How To Do Eye Makeup For Wedding Party

As wedding season is on in Pakistan and people are doing lots of preparations to celebrate wedding season in Pakistan. On wedding functions, all the girls make special preparations to get ready and look unique. They all choose best salon in the city to get their make over done. Mehndi is also very important function in any wedding ceremony. Best stage decoration is done at weddings. You should try to get best foundation, mascara and eye liner. You must put important ingredients together to get a perfect look on wedding ceremonies. We have listed some tips for you that will really help you that How To Do Eye Makeup For Wedding Party? You just need to follow instructions carefully. No need to visit and pay at expensive parlors. You can get best make over at any party.

Face And Neck :

First of all cleanse your face with any good cleansing milk and make it neat and clean. Apply some good foundation on your skin to make skin tone even. Try to spread it out equally. Girls usually ignore neck. And it looks embarrassing when area adjacent to your face is darker as compared to actual skin tone. 

Eyes – The Most Special Part On Face :

Since all the weddings are about looking glamorous and beautiful so girls pay special attention to glittery make over. Eye make up is very important. Several color combinations eye make over is available that will give your dramatically vibrant look. Some people think that glitter effect will not make them look good which is wrong, if used carefully as indicated it will give perfectly amazing effect to your face. Try to apply even amount of glitter on your eye lid. Also curl your eye lashes. You can use artificial eye lashes as they look more dramatic and vibrant.




Step by Step instructions for Wedding Make Up :

Cheeks :

Use blush-on on your cheeks as it makes you more attractive, but always choose natural colors. Blush-on is available in skin tone colors and different shades of pink and red. Make it even on your face and apply it according to shape of your cheek-bone to make that more prominent.  

Lips :

Girls try to choose lip sticks according to shades of their dresses. Use red lipstick as it looks vibrant on any color. Orange and light brown color is also in fashion now a days.

Hope you will look amazing and enjoy all the wedding ceremonies you attend!











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