The most Famous Club – Arena Club in Karachi

Arena is a family based entertainment center, and it is a project of millennium entertainments. It is not only a run of the industry to earn from that enjoyable facility, but also one of kind and marvelous in the field of entertainment and antique family entertainment corner and a recreation. The environment and the surroundings of arena is the jealousy of many catering to the needs and fulfilling the entertainment needs of the huge population of Karachi. It is built in the heart of the city at main karsaz, arena is easily reachable from all over the city and delivers a large supervised and relax able parking lot for the incoming and outgoing of its customers so that they don’t have to face the difficulty.The most Famous Club – Arena Club in Karachi has earned lots of popularity among different people. 

Best Arena Club in Karachi :






There is a fully featured gym in arena, with a complete range of well organised imported exercise machines, treadmills, ellipse etc and the biggest hall of Pakistan which is comprised of less pillars as compared to other huge halls.

In order to deliver the fun and entertainment to the people of all ages, a combination of nine different recreational activities, buffet and dessert bar have been created within the arena entertainment center, many of them have been introduced for the first time in the history of country.

Buffet packages are also kept over there and the entry fee for that is 350pkr which is required for any activity or restaurant at arena. The food quality is just awesome and people after enjoying other activities also let their selves amuse by the tasty food here.

One of the rushed and most liked place at arena is gaming zone. You can enjoy and play here the number of games.

This place is specially made for the children. Balls are real in small size. Because children can’t grip or hold real bowling so this is the concept for youngsters but for the enjoyment of children so that they can be amused through bowling the size of balls are kept small. You should attain the experiences of Rock climbing with perfect instruments that are required for it and no dangerous issue at Arena Karachi. Rocks are made of good materials so you can have a firm grip on rock easily and there would be less and almost no chance of falling down as arena cares for you.


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