Famous Dress Designers In Pakistan

Creativity and innovation never lies out of the box. It makes its way in a systematic culture and framework, that is why it is also known as perfection. The concept of perfection is directly related to fashion designers who put their creativity to make gorgeous and classy outfits for both men and women. Symmetry and perfection in every design is the best work by ay professional fashion designer. During last decade, lots of hardworking and creative people stepped into fashion industry.Lots of them were inspired by foreign fashion designers and international industry. Pakistani fashion style is famous in all over the world. Their professional work is greatest achievement. Pakistani clothing market is growing rapidly over the past few years. Pakistani fashion industry is full of charm and beauty. People like to wear dress that make them look glamorous. People feel confident and happy wearing these dresses.

1. Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY)



Hassan Sheheryar is very talent and famous fashion designer in Pakistan. He also worked as choreographer. To display Pakistani fashion culture, he took part in lots of international shows. In 2000, he has launched his brand name HSY, he also has clothing label. Now a day, this brand is rocking fashion design world. It was ranked among top six south asian brands. After successfully aachieving lots of recognition in fashion world, HSY has also launch jewelry designs in 2007. This jewelry brand is getting lots of recognition.

2: Asim Jofa



Asim Jofa is one and only greatest master of jewelry designing in Pakistan. In the field of fashion, he has earned lots of recognition. He is US certified jewelry designer. After achieving desired targets in jewelry industry, he stared to work in clothing. He designed luxury wears for ladies in Pakistan. Now a days , it is among top pakistani clothing brand. This brand is working for lots of eastern clients. He is also known as premium fashion designer of Pakistan.

3: Deepak Perwani



Deepak is among well known and reputed fashion designers of Pakistan. Deepak perwani has speciality in men wearing but with the emerging and growing industry of women clothing, he started to work in these domains too. Now a days, he is working as fashion designer in both men and women wears. Bridal dresses by Deepak went very successful, it was huge achievement for his professional career. In fashion world, bridal dress by Deepak is most amazing and brilliant wears. He is became an icon in Pakistani fashion industry. He took part in several national and international fashion activities. Dubai fashion show, Lux style awards and Zargali presented Deepak collection on their shows.

4. Fahad Hussayn

fahad husayan

fahad husayan 2

Fahad Hussayn  is famous name among top Pakistani fashion designers. His designing contribution his so elegant and perfect. He has worked in both traditional with modern and sophisticated touch. Basically his main focus is on simple and traditional cuts. He graduated in fashion from Beacon house national university. He specialized in bridal wears. He always tried to work with main focus on national architecture and zari work.

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