Best Flash Games for Pakistani Girls

Nowadays, gamers on smartphones have been increased due to increasing ease and technology. Android, iOS and social media offer a variety of games which can be played while traveling or walking. There are browser-based games such as Pac-man and Frogger which has a high market among girls. In this article, some best games will be discussed which are widely popular among Pakistani girls.

Kids Girls Games

Candy Crush:

This game has become an addiction for Pakistani girls rather it has dedicated players across the world.  It is a popular game launched in 2012 and ranks number one amongst the entire games available on Facebook. It is the most played game in which 69% has women.

Ludo Star:

It is another widely played game by Pakistani girls which was launched in 2017 and it has 5 million downloads and its ranking is 28000 downloads per day. In Pakistan, Ludo game is played over the years, now Ludo Star is in-app version who has created craziness among the Pakistani girls and when the opponent girl plays it, then a large amount of addiction is created because of this. Halt here! Do you wanna play some game. Here is the suggestion for doll divine, the doll dressing game.

Subway Surfer:

It is also a popular game which was launched in 2012 which has 500 million downloads. This game is a single player game which is developed by KILOO, a Danish development company which serves as a purpose for entertainment games. It is basically an endless runner game which is mostly played by Pakistani girls and they get entertained by winning bonuses and points. To play, ggkids you have to be extra smart

Jewel Blast:

It a causal game for Pakistani girls with 1000+ dazzling puzzles. It is filled with magical and visual puzzles. It moves the gemstone horizontally, filling block one line, and securing high scores. Girls think them as a stress reliever and it has become an addictive game for Pakistani girls.

Fruit Ninja:

The gaming industry in Pakistan is very small like Caramel tech which introduced the game, Fruit Ninja. It has more than 500 million downloads. This app was launched by a Pakistani girl Neha Raza and she is an internationally recognized digital artist. This game got recognition in the local and international market. Behind the veil of customs and traditions, especially in Pakistan where gender discrimination occurs, she had an aim to target women for this game. This is a widely played game by Pakistani girls.


This game has been toxic for both audiences, male and female. Here in this game, the female inclination has increased too. It has certain factors like mobile, chatting, and friend circle. Girls who use mobile go with daily life factors which are famous. They love to enjoy those things which are trending actually. This game allows girls for chatting and socializing. Most of the girls have friend circle, they actually love to enjoy with the core by joining with them.

Time has changed and now Pakistani females are inclined with the trend. They have much stronger sense and intelligence now. Now, games are also designed to portray by looking at smart, tough, physical, and mental strength. It is the most imminent factor for Pakistani girls.

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