Gatwala Park Faisalabad Pakistan

Gatwala Wildlife Park is a park, botanical garden and breeding center located in the town of Gatwala in Faisalabad. It is located near Khurrianwala and 87 miles away from Lahore Zoo.

Gatwala Forest Park is a huge compound of houses forest areas, parks, lakes and administrative buildings of the Ministry of Forestry, Government of Pakistan. It is established on the Shiekhupura Road also now as Lahore Road, its distance from the clock tower commonly known as ghanta ghar is almost 20 km away. It is situated next to many residential colonies and towns of huge city of Faisalabad as a result of the much expansion of residential areas because of population of Faisalabad. There is an amazing water park in Karachi Pakistan named dream world park.

Gatwala Park In Faisalabad Pakistan :

The main attractions in Gatwala Park are the huge parts of greenery that house a few rides for children, flowing canals across the park, bamboo growing area, large forest areas and two lakes. Boating is done in one lake, whereas the other lake is the home to many crocodiles. Proper cordoning of the lake with crocodiles has created a safe area for people to view crocodiles from a distance.



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There is much relaxing environment for the persons who are tired of their lives and want to relax so they move toward this park. Mostly families use to visit this park because there is no privacy issues, other families know how to respect others privacy. Children mostly enjoy there because there are swings for them so they don’t disturb their parents and let their self busy in their activity.


There is greenery that attracts the old and young people to get oxygen for their self. Here is a lake that provide a peaceful moments t be spend with family. Children use to boat the paddle boats and they provide full security in emergency. There are palm trees across the roads that add charm to the beauty of the park. Every one should visit to taste the natural scenes and greenery of the park.

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