Hairstyles for Long, Short and Medium Hairs

If a hairstyle suits the appearance of your face, it will definitely compliment your overall personality. A perfect hairstyle portrays the qualities within a person. It could completely contrast the personality of an individual too. Long hair styles work in accordance with any hair type, but a shorter hair cut looks great with any face cut or shape. If an individual is comfortable and has enough self-confidence to carry the style on his own, the style will look apt on him/her.

Deciding on a hairstyle can be very difficult at times. Let’s look at the different types of hair styles and their structures.

There are three basic hairstyles:-

Short hairstyle, medium hairstyle & long hairstyle.

Short Hairstyle




A short haircut needs the support, the condition & mass of the hair in order to look great. This type of haircut has many advantages. It saves a lot of time because it doesn’t consume too much time for washing & styling. This hairstyle is a bonus for the working people, for whom every second is precious in the morning. You can be a professional & still look elegant. Also it is better for any occasion be it sports, or at office or a night hang out. Another big plus, since the hair is short, one can display lots of jewelry, accessories or they can also exhibit their skin texture with/without the make-up. Some of the negatives of this hairstyle are that people who may have blemishes/spots would not like to sport this kind of style. Also such a haircut needs frequent visits to the haircut salons to keep the hair in shape.

Medium Hairstyle

best-medium-hairstyle medium-hairstyle-for-girls medium-hairstyle

A medium hairstyle compliments different types of hair, face shapes & personalities. That’s why it’s very famous among women. With a medium hairstyle, one can manage & control their hair easily and also keep the flexibility & look of longer styles. A properly cropped hairstyle emphasizes your facial appearance. It is quite difficult to manage a medium hairstyle as compared to the short hair cut and this type of haircut needs to pampered with good shampoos & conditioners. It can be a real hassle for the people involved in outdoor activities. This hairstyle cannot be compared to the diversified nature of a short hairstyle.

Long Hairstyle

best-long-hairstyle long-hairstyle-2017-1 long-hairstyle-2017-2

This type of hairstyle is ideal for people having coarse & thick hair, so that due to the density of the hair it is weighed down. Among all the styles, this one stands apart and is known to be the most glamorous one. The long flowing hair which shines & sparkles against a background is itself a picturesque scene. And there is no issue about styling with the long tresses. You can blend them into a braid or you can sport a pony tail. One can even go for those attractive styles which are seen in movies. A long hairstyle needs a colossal amount of maintenance. People don’t have much time at their mercy wont find such a hairstyle suitable. Careful application of shampoos & conditioners to the roots & to the ends respectively is a definite must. When in doubt & when out of time, a pony tail acts like a miracle style. For people with longer fringe, one can attach them with bobby pins and carry on with the pony tail. For adding a diverse zing, one can sport two or more pigtails.

Hair Style for Men

hair-style-for-men-2017-for-men hair-style-for-men-new men-hair-style-for-parties

Hair styling for men is as important as choosing apparels or any other fashion accessory.

Long hair style among men has been in fashion for a long time. It not only exudes a carefree attitude but looks great as well. The only disadvantage of this hairstyle is that you may not feel comfortable with hair falling on your face or eyes all the time. However, one can choose certain products that can keep such hair fixed at one place and still make them look better. There are a plethora of hair products available in the market. Among these a good hair gel, wax or natural oil seems to be everybody’s favorite. Anything which can produce a long-lasting result is considered to be the best. A short hairstyle may comprise of a spike look among youngsters & for the more conventional, side-partings seems appropriate.

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