Haleji lake Karachi

There is no doubt that Karachi is the city of lightening & color. There are numerous places in Karachi that attract the tourists. Haleji lake is one of them which is the most beautiful and good looking place in karcahi. Haleji Lake Karachi is a remarkable and nice-looking place to observe and it is about 52 miles from Karachi. Haleji Lake is situated in  Sindh, Thatta District, Pakistan. It is the Asia’s leading bird shelter. Actually, it is a paradise for those people who love the birds too much because several number of birds transfer from Siberia in winter. That’s why more than 220 species of birds like, pigeons, ducks, waders , strokes and teals can be found here.

Haleji lake karachi

 Haleji lake karchi is considerd as one of the most significant wintering areas of migrant waterfowl in Eurasia. entire area of Lake Haleji is approximately 19 kilometers (12 miles). Haleji Lake along-with close by Keenjhar Lake and Hudero Lake forms a extremely huge composite of waterfowl habitat. These lakes are now home of dabblers, divers , surface and deep water feeders and clean and salty water lovers.

Haleji lake6

 Further more,  Haleji  lake Karachi is  paradise for watcher. Haleji Lake also  main source of water to the city of Karachi. It has been confirmed a sheltered area by the government of Sindh.


Haleji is a considred a paradise for birds watcher .every one one can see numbers of birds  in resting and enjoying the sun. Evening is the best time for them, for then they all come home. There are marsh crocodiles too. I believe that it is the must visiting place for the people. 

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