Abaya of hijabeaze by Urooj Asif

Hijabeaze by Urooj Asif is a famous brand for the latest fashion hijab 2017. Urooj Asif was doing modeling for their scarves and Abaya. She was the famous actress and model Pakistan. After a while he realized that the entertainment world was not made for it. Now it is linked to Islamic activities. He stopped working in the media industry as a model and actress. He became a member of the Islamic Institute and worked as a good Muslim. Therefore, she loves to dress with style Abaya hijab and new fashion. She worked at Na Jane Kyu and Lunda Bazaar; these were the two hit series of the entertainment industry.

Hijabeaze by Urooj Asif

Hijabeaze by Urooj Asif
Successful women in this beautiful look of modern hijab style images. Their facial expressions are very beautiful and attractive. In these pictures, beautiful smiley face. She works for Islam and the love of Allah Almighty. Hijabeaze by Urooj AsifShe does not like to expose her body and face. That’s why she is wearing an Abaya, a full dress for Muslim women. Fashion hijab styles are very awesome. Young women want to wear headscarves in different colors with different styles.Hijabeaze by Urooj Asif

HIJABEAZE Abaya collection 2019

This collection includes fashion Abaya models. The trend of colorful use Abaya has become very popular. Gray, brown, purple, green and more colors are very famous today. abaya-of-hijabeazeThe designers of abaya and veil give you the freedom to work with them. You can see in various commercials markets.


Recently, Maya Ali worked in a successful Shanakht drama. It showed the hijab mode in this series. She played the character of the pure Islamic woman. Urooj Asif gave a lot of handkerchiefs for this drama. He was the favorite of the girls showing more Pakistani. This collection is unique in line with the latest trend. It’s good to cover the hair and go all the time. So for me Urooj also do social work. In these images Urooj Asif also uses many ribbons. . Hijabeaze is here to give you the best scarves and Abayas to live in this modern world. So we have to learn that hijab is impressive while working and style by hijabeaze 2017 gives you very beautiful look.

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