House Designs: Top Ten Home designs in Pakistan

In this age of modernism, everyone wants to be in a well-constructed home. The business of real estate is on a large scale nowadays that’s why you can find hundreds of construction companies and real estate builders easily. People earn for good living. And in the scale of good living a luxury home is also included. The people of rural and urban areas have different point of views. In rural areas people design the home in such a way that they could manage to separate a large ground for greenery and for other purposes. But in urban areas people will buy a small amount of area and they will manage to build their required rooms in that area. That’s why the homes in villages are widely separated but in cities mostly houses are constructed in congested way.

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In urban areas there are two type of colonies, one is economy colony and the other can be named as elite class. The house that worth 60 to 90 lacs in elite class can be buy in 25 to 30 lacs in economy class. In order to build the home there should be something that are to be keep in mind like there should be semi-open space. There should be friendly environment. Flexibility to use space for various purposes. Creative used of materials to make creative designs. Space for individual freedom, for example possibility to work alone, like in quiet environment. All the home is our area is protected by wind mitigation . The wind mitigation Tampa experts clear all the below listed home so you can easily buy one of them, for more information about the wind mitigation you can visit the website called

Many homeowners don’t immediately think of the designs when they want to add color to their homes. Whereas some find it old fashioned, others may simply be intimidated by the application process. Whatever your desired texture scheme, your stairs give the perfect canvas for a design to be upgrade. Stair have enough surface area to apply color scheme and other designs. You can also easily create the most stylish dual purpose drawers by lining them with the different design scheme. Not only does the addition of designs make for a colorful surprise when you open your drawer, but it also help to protect the inside surface from scratches. While building new home or if you want to buy some you must know about effective and low-cost home improvement projects.

In order to select the home for yourself, must keep some important things in your mind. If you have small family then the houses which are in 5 Marla designs are enough for yourself. You can easily manage to live in that house. 5 Marla houses are in the price of 70 to 120 lacs in the societies like Bahria and DHA, but this house in same size can be managed to buy in 30 to 35 lacs in normal colonies, so have a look on your budget and just go for it. There are difference in the Marla size too in rural and urban areas. In rural area one Marla size covers the area of 272 square feet. And in the urban area one marla size covers the area of 225 square feet. The houses in urban areas which are in demand are if 5 marla, 7 marla, 10 marla and 1 1 kanal.

Home Designs in Pakistan


home design in Pakistan 9


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home design in Pakistan

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