How to become a pilot in Pakistan

How to become a pilot in Pakistan to start a career as an airline pilot, it is not necessary to have higher education, although it can be a differential in the selection process, But for the initial and advanced courses, taken under the supervision of the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), a high school diploma is required.

How to be an airline pilot

The first step is How to become a pilot in Pakistan an airline pilot is to enroll in a private pilot (PP) course, the category in which aspiring pilots begin their journey. Here, you will learn the basics of piloting and will have practical and theoretical classes. To fly different types of aircraft, you will need specific courses for each model, and they are usually quite expensive, in some cases costing more than 5 lakh rupees.

The student must request a guide for the Aeronautical Medical Certificate (CMA), known as a 2nd class medical exam. It is mandatory for the course to start, even if, at the beginning, only theoretical classes are taken. These classes, by the way, last three months, are divided into subjects such as:

  • Technical Knowledge
  • Meteorology
  • Flight Theory

At the end of the course, a test will be applied, which will also be divided with the topics studied in the course. There will be 100 questions and only the candidate who hits 72% of the test will be approved, that is, 70 questions, at least 14 correct answers are required in each part of the test.

With the approval of the course, it’s time to have the minimum flight hours to get your license to fly a private plane. The course, in this case, requires at least 41 hours of flight time for you to be able to fly.

Commercial and airline pilot

If you are interested in pursuing a pilot career and want to go up even further, you will need to take more theoretical and practical courses in order to obtain the commercial pilot license (PC) as well as the 1st class exam, which is more complete than required for PP. In this case, it will be possible to work for airlines, air taxis and fly executive jets.

How much does it cost to become an airline pilot

If your goal is really to be an airline pilot, get ready, because the expenses are huge. Not counting a college, which is not mandatory but helps a lot when it comes to getting a job, the values ​​for obtaining a commercial pilot license or even a PLA can reach R3 lakh.

These expenses include 2nd and 1st class medical exams, practical and theoretical courses, flight hours and even expenses with specific aircraft simulators, these paid by the airlines themselves. Just to fly, it costs from Rs 1lakh fifty thousand to Rs 2 lakh per hour.

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