Indian Bridal Makeup Tips

Every one is searching for Indian bridal makeup tips in wedding days. Wedding is a great occasion for Indian families. It is an occasion when everyone in the near and far family gets together to shower blessings on bride and groom. Different variety of saris, hairstyles and dresses can be seen on such occasions. It is a day when bride is centre of attraction of all eyes and is constantly being captured on camera. To live up to such occasions, brides have to be meticulously made up and dressed up so that camera never catches her on a wrong foot. To have a perfect make up it is important to have a good skin. For a makeup that looks and feels great, you need a skin that supports it. Some are endowed with it and others have to work to attain it. If you have to work for your skin, it is better to start well in advance. There are some do’s and don’ts that you must consider once your marriage is fixed. These will help you immensely.


Foods that cause oily skin or excessive sweating should be avoided.

Make it a habit to drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday. This is a tip where more is better.

Get your eyebrows shaped a day in advance to avoid surprises. It is better if done by a professional.

Relaxing is most important. All that shopping will take its toll on your body. De-stressing in a spa can freshen you up.

If you need to use hair color, do it at least a week before to allow color to become well entrenched.

Prior to starting makeup, clean and wash your face properly.

With help of your makeup artist, choose a makeup that is not gaudy. It must make you look sober and natural.

To prepare for a long and exhausting ritual, catch good sleep the night before and be adequately rested.

Indian Bridal Makeup Tips

Indian weddings are big occasions full of color and pomp. Ladies in vividly colored saris and outlandish hairstyles can make anyone stop in his tracks. Thing to remember is that different types of saris and makeup work differently for different women. So a bride must choose her wedding sari, hairstyle and makeup in a way that everything complements each other. If you want to choose glossy and shimmering makeup, be sure that your sari matches this choice. Once you have chosen your wedding sari or lehenga, next step is to decide on choice of makeup. If your wedding is in monsoon season, you could go for special waterproof makeup.

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Indian bridal make up is an important part of an Indian woman’s wedding, which consists of make up, hairstyle and the wearing of the sari. For an Indian bride, the preparations and festivities begin months in advance. There is enough time to choose your wedding attire and makeup. Go through a list of makeup specialists and put them to trial if necessary.

The dresses that you choose for your wedding must be tried for different makeup styles and hairstyles. This helps you be prepared mentally and instils confidence in you be cynosure of all eyes on that big day.

Since it is a big occasion, it is best left to professionals to get you ready. Taking things in your hands is a nice feeling, but there are too many factors where you can go wrong. Let professionals handle all your beautification needs. Here are some useful cosmetic precautions for Indian weddings.

The type of sari you choose should not be too heavy and cumbersome since you are going to be wearing it for a long duration.

People of Indian origin have a pale skin, so choice of makeup should complement skin tone and not look garish. Avoid dark shades; they will make you look darker.



A professional manicure and pedicure a day in advance will keep your hands and feet glowing and supple.

If you have long hair, it is better to leave them without a bun as it can cause stiff neck.

Henna is an integral part of Indian bridal makeup. Ensure that henna has dried sufficiently and turned its natural hue prior to the ceremony.

Vermilion to be used must have a natural base. Most of products sold in market are lead based, so be careful when you buy vermilion.

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