Iqbal Park Lahore

Lahore is the second leading city in Pakistan and the 18th most populous city in the world. There are a lot of parks and garden in beautiful city that persuade the tourists for visiting. Here I would like clarified the one of the most historical place of Lahore which is Iqbal Park Lahore. No doubt, The Iqbal Park is a big park and frivolous place in Lahore, Pakistan. The park accommodates Minar-e-Pakistan. Its old name was Minto Park.

Apart from Minar-e-Pakistan Iqbal Park is a airy wide open green park where visitors can come for picnic. The park is wonderful for a schools/colleges trip where small kids have abundance of places to enjoy. There is area of wheelchair accessibility throughout the park and to places of interest by way of nicely kept concrete paths. There is an artificial lake, which also makes it very cool and enjoyable place of Lahore.

Historical Park

This Park is very famous because it has great history, way back in 1940 when it was called MINTO PARK, Pakistan resolution (Qarardad e Pakistan) was passed by Muslim league and as a result of that resolution Pakistan came in to being on 14th of AUG 147.


Swings and Rides


Iqbal park 1


There are several rides available for children such as bumper cars and also swings making it more pleasant location to visit with families. It is also has as mini zoo to attract tourist. New playing areas and rides have been introduced to make this place more enjoyable for the children.


Iqbal Park Zoo

Iqbal Park Zoo

There is a mini zoo in Iqbal Park Lahore, which attract the attention of tourist towards it, there are different kinds of animals kept in Iqbal park zoo, like Deer, elephant and many different kinds of birds as well.

Iqbal Park Lake

Iqbal Park Lake

This historical park also has an artificial lake, having an eye caching view at evening hours. Boating facility also available in Iqbal Park. Do not try to swim in Iqbal Park Lake it can be dangerous.

Other Pictures of Iqbal Park Lahore

Videos of Iqbal Park Lahore


Address: – Circular Rd, Lahore

Location of Iqbal park on Google map

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