Jinnah Garden Faisalabad Pakistan

Jinnah Garden Faisalabad Pakistan,this park is named over the legend of Pakistan, our great leader and historical person Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Before that name it was about to call Company Bagh too. It contains a Bara dari, kids zone and more enjoyable and picnic spots. Jinnah Garden has a length of almost 2200 meters. Very calm and quite environment is provided here by the management and with full security. Government did some improvements in the front of the park for attraction of the public. Near the plane, a well known fruit chart shop is there for entertainment, where people gathered almost all the time.


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Jinnah Park In Faisalabad Pakistan :

The park also contains the tomb of , who was the founder of this city and this city was first named Lyallpur in his honor. However, later it was renamed to Faisalabad. There is greenery every where that provides relaxing environment and attracts the people to visit there because of natural beauty. Here are rose flowers and other plants that add charm to the beauty of this park. There are lots of famous parks in Karachi that are worth visiting. 

Families use to visit there at the weekends and on other holidays. We can say it’s the best picnic spot for families as it is covered on large area so children used to play foot ball and cricket. So because of their playing of games and involving in any activity that keeps them fit and healthy families feel happy and adding to it families also get time to relax as children are busy in their activities. There are other things to watch besides greenery like there are sceneries too. Artificial plane, structure of animal and there is a water pulling out pipe that attracts the tourists.

Jinnah garden is a beautiful park with complete facilities that a park should have in it. So it has the ability to attract people to visit there. Fresh air in the garden because of greenery also attract people to get oxygen as people are in need of fresh air in this pollution.

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