Joota Chupai Rasam In Pakistani Weddings

All the Pakistani weddings are full of traditional events and enjoyment. These wedding events are called big and fat because there is endless fun and pleasure. On Pakistani weddings , people started planning years ago. Most important thing to worry about is wedding stage decoration, mehndi dresses, baraat and walima outfit for groom and bride, venue and menu. Several traditions are followed on Pakistani weddings i.e doodh pilai, anghota pakrai and joota chuppai. Joota Chupai Rasam is ┬ávery common in Pakistani and indian weddings. This tradition is usually used to break the ice between bride and groom’s family so that they can welcome each other in a joyful way. In india this rasm is very common as girls from bride’s family get the change to steal groom’s shoes when he steps into mandap for getting married. On Pakistani wedding girls follow some tricks to get groom’s shoes and then ask him for a reasonable amount of money to get his shoes back. Girls hide the shoes in some safe place so that groom or his friends could not find it. As all families are aware of this tradition so they usually try to keep shoes safe, making it difficult for girls to access and hide it. This is good tradition to increase interaction between both families.




If the girls from bride’s side able to hide the shoe successfully, it is now groom’s responsibility to get it back by paying them some reasonable amount. On this platform, amount is negotiable. These traditions increases interaction between bride and groom families. Some time friends of groom arrange an extra pair of shoes to get rid of this trouble. Sometime groom agree to pay the money to bride’s friends and get the shoes in return. It is fun activity.This tradition is most fun and most common in almost every Pakistani and Indian weddings. After winning , girls proudly celebrate their win.



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