Kaleem Shaheed Park Fasialabad Paksitan

Faisalabad is the busiest city and every one in this city is busy in their routine as they can not take out time for their personal life to enjoy. So for faisalabadians here is a picnic spot for them to enjoy and that’s kaleem Shaheed park. It is the best picnic spot for families. The beauty of this park is natural and awesome. Here is greenery all around and plants are grown around the pedestrian way.People use to visit park to have fun and Kaleem Shaheed Park Fasialabad Paksitan provides that environment. Time is bit difficult and fun is expensive. Visiting our local neighborhood parks is just free. Just get some thing prepared from home or buy some fast food stuff and you’re good to go.

Entertaining Place Kaleem Shaheed Park Fasialabad Paksitan :

Kaleem Shaheed Park

Kaleem Shaheed Park Faisalabad


When kids are at the park, they do the healthiest thing that they do in their funny mood, for them its just playing but in reality its quite good for their health. Running and climbing for an hour or two will not only keep your kids healthy, but it will tire them too. But it’s not just healthy for them; it’s healthy for their parents too. Take advantage of any walking paths surrounding the park and while the kids are swinging away, you can walk yourself toward a healthier you.

We are living in a society but yet our kids don’t know our neighborhoods By making it a point to visit new neighborhood parks throughout the city/town you live in, can help introduce your kids to other parts of their hometown that they may not get to visit very often.

Especially if you can skip the car and walk to come of the parks in your area. You save the gas and carbon emissions and stay local. You can also make the trip a learning experience for the kids by packing some garbage bags and spending a few minutes cleaning up any garbage you may find at the park. Teach your kids that it’s their neighborhood and their park, so they should help take care of it too.

Kaleem Shaheed park is the best faisabadian families can ever get. With the peaceful and clean environment that has greenery, infact it doesn’t just limit to the scenery it helps to get more oxygen that is just good for your health. #faisalabad, #kaleem_shaheed_park.

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