Latest Bridal Wear Trends and Designs 2018

Every year, you see new and completely different trends and designs in the Pakistani fashion industry. We all love to wear new trendy and stylish dresses, especially for weddings, as it looks good and unique. But, the always trending designs makes it a little difficult for the bride to choose her Pakistani bridal wear. The bride to start her search months before for the best trendy Pakistani bridal dress that she could flaunt on her big day.

If you are a bride to be and is in search for the best Pakistani bridal dress that is in trend nowadays and is stylish and beautiful; you will find some ideas and inspirations of the best bridal outfits Pakistani for the brides here.

These designs and styles are the new 2018 trending designs that every bride would love to wear.

Even though short shirts and peplums are also in style, nothing can beat this traditional long embroidered shirt and lehenga on brides. This is a perfect Pakistani bridal wear for all the brides of 2018; this is a heavily embroidered long shirt in fawn color, paired up with an orange and maroon embroidered farshilehenga and a peach embellished dupatta. Yes, this pakistani bridal wear has the least amount of red color; but the bridal dress color combination looks lovely and stunning.

For all the brides looking for a long embroidered shirt design to wear to her wedding. This is a heavily embroidered long shirt, with boti work back. It is paired up with maroon and red embroidered lehenga and a peach dupatta along with banarsipati and embroidered borders.

If you are not looking for a total red dress for your wedding; this idea will work the best for you. This Pakistani bridal dress is a combination of shining gold color with a deep red colored embroidered dupatta. The shirt is short and is beautifully embroidered, and the garara is lightly hand worked. The banarsi maroon embroidered shawl to carry with this Pakistani bridal wear is giving a pretty royal feel.

For the red lover brides, this color combination will be your favorite. This Pakistani bridal dress is a deep red shorthand work shirt, along with a plain banarsilehenga and a heavy red dupatta.

Peplums are trending in 2018 and they do look really beautiful especially on the brides. Looking for one? Here is your inspiration Pakistani bridal wear. It is not a red colored bridal dress but a fawn colored bridal peplum that is paired up with maroon color. The peplum has jaal work with maroon floral handwork and a net embroidered lehenga.

This is one beautiful bridal barat dress inspiration for all the 2018 brides. The dress color combination is maroon along with dull golden embroidery which looks really pretty. The shit is full embroidered that looks royal-ish.

Another peplum Pakistani bridal dress idea for you all brides. It is an embellished red peplum along with banarsifarshilehenga and a light embroidered dupatta.



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