Menu Suggestions for Iftar Party

As Ramadan Kareem is coming soon. People are making lots of plan to celebrate this holy month with great respect.web_food_good This holy month really helps every muslim to cleanse and purify their souls. Refreshing soft drinks are most wanted in Ramadan. Sweet dishes and desserts are also liked by everyone especially in Ramadan. ramzan3_600People usually go for the recipes that are easy to cook and also delicious. Chicken kabab and fast food items are also liked by lots of people. We will provide you a list of Menu Suggestions for Iftar Party.


Menus Lists For Ramadan Iftar :

You need to choose items for started , main meal and sweet dish for dessert. 

Menu #1:


  • Egg Rolls
  • Pakoras
  • Samosa
  • Mint Chatney
  • Aloo Bukhara Chatney
  • Alu Channay chart

Main Course Meals :

  • Pulao
  • Salad
  • Dahi Bharay
  • Tandoori chicken Pakoras.

Dessert :

  • Pudding 
  • Cake


Menu #2 :
Starters :

  • Qeema and Aloo Samosa
  • Dates with almond
  • Pakoras
  • Brinjal Slices fried
  • Fruit Salad fresh

Main Course Meals :

  • Chicken Biryani or Chicken
  • Palak Paneer Makhani 

Desserts :

  • Ras Malai 
  • Shahi Tukry 


Menu #3:

Starters :

  • Dates filled with almonds
  • Chicken cheese sandwiches
  • Chicken Macroni Salad
  • Samosa + Pakoras

Main Course Meals :

  • Chicken Gravy 
  • Rice with zeera
  • Palak , aloo Qeema

Desserts :

  • Pudding 
  • Ice-cream

These all menus will really help you out a great menu for any iftar party you are hosting. You can mix things among the menus to create your own special menu. Just remember to include any refreshing drink of your choice. You can choice lime water, watermelon smoothie, mango shake or smoothie, lassi etc. Lassi is the main item for Sahur in Ramadan Kareem. Eating yogurt or drinking lassi really reduces your thirst and keeps your body hydrated for longer period of time. Hope you will enjoy this Ramadan Kareem eating fresh and yummy foods. Don’t forget poor people in your happy life and try to share these happiness with them as well.

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