17 Embroidered Abaya designs 2017

All Muslim women must cover their bodies according to the teachings of Islam; they use different Abaya designs like embroidered Abaya designs. It is the best collection to satisfy the condition of hiding the body. Embroidered Abaya designs are the perfect choice for modern woman as embroidery dresses designs. You should feel comfortable when going out. Abaya is a type of clothing that can cover your body up and down. Several cities and provinces of Pakistan have different and unique styles of dresses. In fact, this fashion is fast growing among young people. Arab women always wear clothes before going to markets, offices and other places.

Latest Abaya designs in Peshawar and Quetta having a unique style. On the other hand, long dresses for women in Karachi and Lahore having different designs. Black is the main color of embroidered Abaya designs, but now many other colors like brown, gray, green, purple, etc being used in Abaya designs.

New styles Embroidered Abaya designs 2017 

Embroidered Abaya designs 2017

Embroidered Abaya designs 2018

Embroidered Abaya designs

 New Embroidered Abaya designs

New Embroidered Abaya designs 2018


The long maxi dresses are also designed by fashion designers. They introduce a number of mind-blowing burqa and that gives equal importance to other dresses. Also a Muslim woman should wear modern Abaya designs in the fashion sense. Also she likes the latest Abaya embroidery designs to wear. We must know the real purpose of Bayas. You will find beautiful dresses adorned with lace and simple buttons. Famous experts who are also struggling in new Abaya designs for women who must want to use in any costs.

Each woman should exhibits the best abaya designs presented by undergoing various designers. The collection of Abya designs is very attractive with the use of different shades. In this modern world everyone wants to change the and wear different designs. Married women prefer embroidered dresses instead of wearing the burqa simple and easy. Below pictures will show you the different designs of embroidered Abaya for best choice. Now you can easily select the Arabic abayas or embroidered design collection abaya of single and married women 2017-18.



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