New Facebook status for 14 august 2016

14th august 1947 the day when Muslims get independence in the form of Pakistan. Nowadays on 14th of august our youth use to upload their statuses for describing their feelings for their country. Here are some statuses that are surely the reflection of your thoughts.

Facebook status for 14 august 2016

1. Here we are wishing our dreams to hope best for our coming tomorrows, happy Independence Day.

2. To our feelings of freedom Independence Day is a good point and time. Wishing you a very happy independence day.

3. Here are lines of urdu poetry: kisi ny sir kataya tha, ksi ny ghar lutaya tha, yh din mushkil sy aaty hen, yh din mushkil sy aya tha, hai salam azaadi k un shaheedon par, jinhon ny rah-e-azadi men apna khoon bahaya tha.

4. No nation in this world is born perfect, nations their self-made them perfect, happy Independence Day.

5. We all are proud of our Pakistan but what have we done to make Pakistan proud of us? On This Independence Day, lets come together to go beyond and play our part for a better today and tomorrow. Happy Independence Day to you all.

6. On the eve of INDEPENDENCE DAY, lets salute and remember our martyrs soldiers who sacrificed their lives to protect our nation.

7. Hum ney tou mit jana hai Ay Arzy Watan.,,
Lekin Tum ko salamat rehna hai Qayamat ki Sehar hony tak.

8. Let’s salute the great martyrs who make us enjoy the freedom by sacrificing their lives.

9. Freedom is a state of mind. And my mind says I am independent till the time my wife has gone to her parents’.May there be such long weekends every month!
Happy 14 August!
10. The Love Of My Nation Is Worthiness
The Love Of My People Is Endless
All What I Need For My Country Is Happiness
Let Me Be The First One To
Wish You A Happy Independence Day

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