Pak Red Crescent Medical and Dental College Lahore

Pak Red Crescent Medical and Dental College, Lahore has recently announced its admissions for MBBS and BDS programs for the year 2016. PRCMDC is a renowned institute of Pakistan for health sciences along with degrees in pharmacy and dental sciences. The red crescent society started the venture in 2011 after a greater need felt for low-cost facilities of medicinal and health education. The red crescent medical college is located at Fatima Jinnah Road, Lahore. The main campus is located at a short distance from Lahore and Kasur, some 28 kms away from Thokar Niaz Baig. It has been allotted a large area in Lahore by the government to carry on its educational activities to become a Pakistan’s biggest and most sophisticated medical college and teaching hospital in coming years.

Red Crescent has been working for the people of Pakistan since independence and has continued to do so, the Medical and Dental College is going through its initial stages, it will pass out its first batch in 2016-2017. Already three batches have been enrolled, and the next one is ready to be scheduled this academic year. Pak Red Crescent Medical & Dental College is accredited by Higher Education Commission and Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PM&DC). The seats allotted for MBBS and BDS are purely merit based under the strict instructions from PMDC and UHS.

History of Pak Red Crescent Society:

Red Crescent Society is the world’s largest charitable network aiding billions of people all over the world. The International Committee of the Red Cross is responsible for all the activities of humanitarian work. With operations going on in 186 countries, Pakistan Red Cross Society has initiated medical college program in Lahore and planning to expand it to Punjab and then all over Pakistan. Red Crescent apart from regular health care services was instrumental in floods and earthquakes that hit Pakistan in the last decade. Their services in 2005 earthquake that killed over 86,000 people in Northern Pakistan and hundreds of thousands injured in rehabilitation and restoration of masses spending billions of dollars was worth an applause and admiration.

Admissions In Pak Red Crescent Medical & Dental College Lahore:

Admissions are opened in September of every year; adsare given in all the leading newspapers of Pakistan. The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) held every year, and as per rules of UHS and PMDC, the scores in MCAT is a standard of admissions in all the private colleges along with the public government-rununiversities. Students are advised to call the authorities of college before applying for the admissions, a Rs. 1000 challan and a prospectus of college along with the admission form are necessary before the intake of admission. Students that are selected are advised to gather their forms and send them by hand to the university.

Eligibility Criteria for Admissions in Pak Red Crescent Medical College:

At least 60% marks are compulsory before applying for admissions to MBBS and BDS courses in Pak Red Crescent Medical and Dental College. The students applying must appear in the MCAT conducted by UHS, an official test taken for admissions in Medical Universities of Punjab, both Public and Private. The students looking for the admissions must have FSc. Pre-medical with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology subjects.

The international students with CNIC of Pakistan must have scored at least 550 marks in SAT-II test if they are residents of USA to apply in PRCMDC. The students applying from countries other than the USA must have the equivalent percentage or CGPA in 14-year education in their country.  

Scholarships and Reserved Seats:

Scholarships are offered to the deserving students applying for admissions in Pak Red Crescent Medical and Dental College. The college offers fully paid stipend program for brilliant students with academic excellence in their respective degrees. Individual scholarships and fee reimbursement programs are also available for the needy students, the performance-based and location based scholarships are also provided to the students from Azad Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan, rural areas of KPK and tribal areas of FATA and FANA. The government programs for fee reimbursement, PM and CM Laptop Scheme program is awarded to the students of Pak Red Crescent Medical and Dental College.

Affiliated Teaching Hospitals:

The Red Crescent Teaching Hospital, one of the oldest Teaching Hospital in Lahore is attached with the college; the organization has around 32 dispensaries and three hospitals fully equipped with modern machinery for facilitating both the patients and young doctors in their house job. The PRCMDC is also affiliated with Social Security Hospital, a hospital close and convenient to visit for the students of the medical and dental college.

Moreover, the university building houses all the three top departments, i.e. pharmacy department, MBBS Department, and Dental Department. The college has sophisticated labs with all the necessary technology and equipment, a hostel for students, a large canteen with healthful food, and an elite faculty from all around the world and Pakistan. As part of the Red Crescent, the medical and dental college has its students learning programs for students to visit the universities, medical, and clinical conferences worldwide on behalf of the University.

Fee Structure of Pak Red Crescent Medical and Dental College Lahore:

Still, in its budding phase, PRCMDC has achieved many of its goals. After getting recognized by HEC and PMDC, students have started to enroll in huge numbers. One may see the college one of the best in coming years as it has an active setup in its background as Red Crescent Society fully sponsor it.

The fee structure as guided by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council and Ministry of Health & Education Punjab is Rs. 600,000 maximum for a 5-year study program in Medical Colleges of Punjab including MBBS and BDS. Including taxes and all the charges plus one-time admission fee and security fee, the first time admission fee may sum up to Rs. 900,000 in the very first year, and around 7-8 lakhs every year for the next three years and slightly above the average in the final year. 

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