Pakistan Monument Museum Islamabad

It is undeniable fact that every nation wants to preserve its art and craft for future. We are exploring our past to better our future. Museums and libraries are the best place to gain this objective. There are a lot of museums in pakisatan such as Bahawalpur Museum, National Museum of Pakistan, and many more. Pakistan monument museum is one best museum of Pakistan. Pakistan monument museum Islamabad is situated in frontage of Pakistan Monument at Shakarparian, Islamabad, Pakistan. The beautiful Museum is actually constructed to give honor and tribute those who sacrificed thier whole life for a detach and separate homeland. The government of Pakistan established this museum to display some particular and extraordinary movements in the creation of  Pakistan. Without doubt, Pakistan Monument Museum is a forever most excellent and finest spot for history keeners. This museum is opened at 10 am in the morning and close at 8 pm.  It is one story building where people can see its sculptures and pictures of great leader who play a very key role in the Creation of Pakistan . The four major petals of this nice monument symbolize the four provinces (, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Baluchistan, Sindh and  Punjab,), where as the other three minor petals signify the three territories , Azad Kashmir,  Gilgit-Baltistan and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas).

Pakistan Monument Museum
Pakistan Monument Museum Quaid e Azam

The museum facilities consisting of  books of history, audio  documentaries, media center, researches and things like that. It is one of the must visited place in Islamabad. When everyone enters in this museum then they can clearly see that it is alienated into diverse parts. You can know about the  the history of Pakistan in one part where as the future on the other part. The freedom fighters and the sculptures of Muslim heroes are clearly seen by the visitors. The personal room of Iqbal and Quaid are available too. A beautiful library is also there to help the visitors with the old time videos. Overall , it is a very famous place in Islamabad.

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