Pakistani Wedding Invitation Cards Designs

Very simple and plain wedding invitation card designs have been selected for you to design your wedding card. These Pakistani wedding invitation cards designs are very elegant and beautiful. On wedding, people focus to plan lots of things. Mainly core focus in mehndi decorations, dresses and food. ¬†Besides these things, most important things are wedding dresses selection and wedding invitation cards. Although¬†it is small thing, the wedding invitation cards are also important things to do. Wedding arrangements are most important thing to do. Wedding invitation cards designs got lots of attention and people found it very good because of its simple and plain design. While designing or choosing some already designed wedding cards, always check that it does not cover the whole section. The space around the invitation holder name is kept empty so that people can easily see their name and also it is clearly visible. Opposite side can be covered with different flowers or beads to make it stylish and beautiful. Always go for eye catching and simple wedding invitation card design. Try to choose exceptionally good colors in your cards. Combination of beautiful colors in wedding invitation cards gives very elegant and unique look. Sea green, pink and white, white and maroon, white and brown,light blue and white and purple and white are the most beautiful color combinations for any wedding invitation cards. Now a days, these color combination are getting lots of popularity in all over the world. Some people want to make their card look much different and unique that they choose to paste bride and groom’s pictures on their wedding cards. So whenever invitation card holder opens it, he/she can see picture of bride and groom. These pictures are pasted opposite to wedding dates and venue. Glittering and shinny ribbons can be used to cover the cards. Some ornaments can also be used to make it look more beautiful. Little bit glittering looks good. Earlier some families try to get card designs which is completely covered with glitters but now a days those card designs look out dated.

pakistani wedding invitation card 3

pakistani wedding invitation card 2

pakistani wedding invitation card 1

pakistani wedding card 19

pakistani wedding card 18

pakistani wedding card 17

pakistani wedding card 16

pakistani wedding card 15

pakistani wedding card 14

pakistani wedding card 13

pakistani wedding card 12

Elegant and Beautiful wedding Invitation Cards Designs

Card designers focus on designing wedding invitation cards that look simple and beautiful as these cards are well recognized in all over the Pakistan. So For forthcoming weddings, designers should come up with ideas that look simple. Highly covered wedding cards does not appeal to the inviters. So keep your wedding invitation card simple.

pakistani wedding card 11

pakistani wedding card 10

pakistani wedding card 9

pakistani wedding card 8

pakistani wedding card 7

pakistani wedding card 6

pakistani wedding card 5

pakistani wedding card 4

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