Paradise point karachi

It is true that Karachi is the city of colors and lightening. Karachi presents a good-looking eye catching view for the people. There are numbers of beautiful places in Karachi that attract the visitors like paradise point, Clifton beach ,Tooba Masjid, mazar -e- quaid and so forth. Now I would like to tell you about the most beautiful place of Karachi which is paradise point Karachi. paradise point Karachi is one of good looking place in karachi. Paradise point Karachi is the most attractive and well looking place in Karachi. It is not only best place for swimming due to its beautiful scene but visitors can get pleasure from on the side of the beach such as camel and horse riding etc. It is obvious that it is truly a paradise for the people in Karachi.

paradise point karachi

Pakistanis enjoy the beach during hot weather in Karachi on July 4, 2010. AFP PHOTO/Rizwan TABASSUM (Photo credit should read RIZWAN TABASSUM/AFP/Getty Images)


Paradise point is located near Sandspit Beach,Karachi. It is situated almost 50 km north west of Karachi. It is one of the awesome and most beautiful place in Karachi. The main feature of paradise point is that it remains opens 24 hours a day. Paradise point also offers the restaurants facility to the visitors . There are a lot of attraction on Paradise point consisting horse rides, camel rides and plenty more for amusing all family. This beach draw the attention of various people living in that area, all over the Pakistan and world. A lot of tourist and families visit this beach regularly and get photos of this fine-looking place and enjoy the beautiful moments of life with a lot excitement.


Location of Paradise point Karachi on google map 

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