PDFC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2016

Annual event PDFC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2016 was organized on 10th of march 2016 in Lahore. On this platform all fashion designers get the opportunity to show their stunning dresses collection to initiate business and catch the heart of their audience. First day of this fashion show 2016 featured amazing collection by Sana Safinaz , Feeha Jamshed and Sublime by Maria B ad Sara.

Sana Safinaz :

On luxurious evening of PFDC Sunsilk fashion week 2016 day 1 , Sana Safinaz represented their beautiful summer and spring collection. They titled it as Sugar Rush. It was combination of beautiful feminine colors with stylish laces. This collection was the celebration of new season and it contained limitless possibilities. On Sugar Rush, mostly used fabrics were silk, net and organza with combination of beautiful floral prints and applique styles over the outfits. All the cuts presented by Sana Safinaz was very simple and lightweight.


Sana-Safinaz-Summer-Lawn-Prints-2016-2017 Clothing9 6


Feeha Jamshed 

During PFDC, Feeha Jamshed displayed her collection of beautiful dresses and titled it as Bod Squad. She took inspiration from the later 60’s  combined with beautiful color strokes, floral prints which are very famous now a days. Her collection include dresses in every shape like short to long and trapped it to make a baggy style outfit with simple and elegant cuts. Mostly used fabrics in Bob Squad are organza, silk, cotton and velvet with combination of pearls, stylish embroidery and beads work. She has used bright colors. Mostly used color combination is black and white.






MUSE showcased its amazing last night collection in the PFDC Sunsilk fashion week. MUSE used an amazing mixture of colors with style that creates a powerful electrifying and amazing feel. MUSE  used bright colors in mens wear pieces and also combined it with navy blue to catch the heart of audience. They presented beautiful combination of dresses for both male and female.



BGCTMS48 muse_t_shirt_design_by_sararebecca-d2zkh8e

Saiqa Raheem 

Saiqa Raheem presented her beautiful collection features as Yurt’s Manifestation at PFDC Sunsilk fashion wekk 2016. Saiqa took inspiration from Kara Kalpak’s style of life. Her collection highlights beautiful stark contrasts between the two ways similar to Yurt as outer side of Yurt is plain and interior is conventional due to robe usage method. The basic idea behind Yurt presentation was to manipulate the audience.  Long belts have been used in garments.




All designer across Pakistan presented their beautiful collection and got lots of popularity at PFDC sunsilk fashion week 2016.

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