Perfume Spray Bottles: Let the Enchanting Fragrance Fill Your Soul!

Right from their discovery in Mesopotamia, perfumes have etched their names in the pages of history. Ancient Egyptian kings and queens used perfume in almost all their rituals. Believed to be the sweat of Ra (Sun God), perfumes have been adored by Egyptians for its heavenly fragrance. Scented oils from flowers are a popular choice amongst women of all civilizations. The modern generation has taken the art of making perfume to the next level. Many companies are now involved in the manufacturing of fragrances made from flowers, wood, leaves, and other sources.

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It is an undeniable fact that perfumes have become an essential part of our lives. Most people have the habit of storing old perfume bottles, long after they are empty. This is mainly because perfume bottles are as captivating as the perfume itself. Perfume spray bottles come in a variety of shapes, colors, and designs. Many prefer small bottles of perfume, as they are convenient for traveling. They come with a sealed top that prevents the content from spilling. These days most people prefer perfume spray bottles because of their convenience.


Spray bottles are durable and last for a very long period. Though some spray bottles are tiny, they offer a good spritz of perfume at just a squeeze. Some products weigh less but deliver approximately 50 sprays and more, based on the usage. Further, they are transparent so that users can check how much content is left. Purchasing spray bottles online is not a cumbersome task as one might think. Nowadays, many sites offer a variety of perfume related accessories for a cheaper price.


Many stores provide refillable perfume bottles that come in handy for various occasions. Customers need not waste money buying use and throw bottles, which fill the bin. Through refillable options, you can fill the spray bottle with your favorite perfume and carry it anywhere! The application is also convenient and there is no fuss involved. When it comes to purchasing perfume bottles online, many factors have to be considered. If you are a newbie to online shopping, then it is mandatory that you research beforehand. Not only this, you must be aware of the types of perfumes available and select the one that will suit your taste. In fact, once you are done with using the perfume, these perfume spray bottles can be used for many other purposes. You can make your own essential oils and perfumes at home, and use these spray bottles to store them in. This way, you will not have to purchase new empty bottles.


An Insight on Perfumes: Some Golden Facts

Certain factors play a vital role in determining the longevity of a perfume. Some of the best perfumes come with 15 to 40% concentration, which will last for about 6 to 8 hours. Perfumes with concentration value 15 to 20% can hold for about 5 to 6 hours. One of the purest form of perfumes has a concentration value of about 20 to 40 percentage aromatic essential oils. Such types of perfumes come at an expensive rate and are best suited for conferences, gala events and grand occasions.

Every perfume is made up of three major parts, otherwise known as notes. They include

  • Top notes
  • Middle/heart notes
  • Base notes

Among the three, the top notes are the most powerful ones that give out a strong fragrance. Commonly used sources for top notes include beige, basil, lemon, etc. However, the top notes last only for about 15 minutes after which the smell fades away. As soon as the first note i.e., the top note starts to fade away, the middle/heart note will start lingering. It is one of the most aromatic scents that will kindle your soul! Most of the middle notes include floral oils that include rosemary, juniper, rose, and lavender, among others. One can also say that the middle note forms the core of any perfume.

The last note (base note) starts blossoming once the middle note fades off. This will leave an imprint on the minds of the user, as the fragrance will last long! Most of the base notes include essence of vanilla, jasmine, rosemary, sandalwood, etc. All these three notes combine to form a heavenly aroma that is enough to engulf your senses in magic! While selecting a perfume ensure that you choose the best one that will leave a lasting memory, for only a few fragrances stay in our heart and mind! So don’t you want to caress your senses with a lingering aromatic perfume? Choose the best perfume of your choice and store it away in a cool and trendy perfume spray bottle!


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