Port Guard Food Street Karachi Pakistan

Port Grand is a world class tourist point and is always be a pride for Karachi for everyone who visits there, offers lots of facilities of food and entertainment. You can facilitate yourself from Port Bazaar, Art Lane, Antiques, Free Wi-Fi, delicious food and lot more. Parking facility is also available as its being a picnic point for visitors and there are capacity of over eight hundred cars with all security services. You can even have a relaxed evening walk at Pedestrian friendly, and relax yourself at restrooms that are available there. Port Guard Food Street Karachi Pakistan is one of the most well known place in Karachi. Lal Qila restaurant is one of the most delicious place in karachi. Arena Club in Karachi is also very famous.
So what are you waiting for? You have to visit Port Grand and Port Grand Food Street Karachi with your siblings and friends for the memorable moments of Karachi. You can take your relatives there who visits to you from other cities to this place and have a perfect time there.







Karachi’s most awaiting food street and entertainment point ‘Port Grand’ is opened on Saturday May 28th 2011. That point offers visitors from all over the world and you can relax yourself too as it is much far from the rush and craziness of city life as Karachi is much populated.

The food installs run along the port where you can view the sea while sitting on benches and can have a luxury brunch too. You can even see the cargo that are used to be loaded and unloaded from the ships that reaches there from different countries. The food street ends close to a point where you can see ships.

The Native Jetty Bridge was built again to ensure the tourist destination from all over the world and is a pride for Karachi that always attract millions of people from all over the world to visit there whenever they visit Karachi.

The area underneath the Native Jetty Bridge was cleaned up and was again habited. There are countable trees that exist at the site have been saved. The Napier Mole Bridge has been rebuilt and the organisation setup an irrigation system for the tree to give it an even longer life.

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