Rawalpindi Medical College Admissions And Scholarships

Rawalpindi Medical College is a prestigious medical institute of Pakistan serving on the national and international level. In 1974, it started as a small college confined to some canals in Faisalabad; itwas moved to Rawalpindi after a short time. A vast area was allotted by the government to carry on the educational activities. Since then, Rawalpindi Medical College has trained and passed out 4500 doctors, 1200 are studying medical sciences at the moment. Their pass-outs include doctors from all over Pakistan as well as international students, now serving in their respective countries.  

The environment of study and the facilities of one of Pakistan’s most prestigious Medical College are immaculate, the structure of the curriculum, top-notch teaching staff, trained and experienced faculty staff, and bright students make best doctors. Located just around Tipu Road, near Murre Road, the college premises have the tranquil environment and conducive atmosphere for studies. Rawalpindi Medical College is few minutes drive from central Rawalpindi city, and exactly thirty minutes away from Islamabad. The students at RMC are given beneficial environment focusing on extra-curricular activities to release the workload and to refresh the burdened minds. RMC is now a fully capable Institute, with 40 years passed making RMC an active medical institute, it is now affiliated with several associations, hospitals, and international universities. Rawalpindi Medical College is fully accredited by Ministry of Health and Education, Pakistan Medical and Dental Association, University of Health and Sciences, and its main governing body King Edwards Medical University.Rawalpindi Medical College Admissions And Scholarships

Rawalpindi Medical College Affiliated Hospitals:

RMC is affiliated with three teaching hospitals, the Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi, District Head Quarters Hospital Rawalpindi, and Benazir Bhutto Hospital formerly Rawalpindi General Hospital. The students are provided basic science and clinical facilities from the campus to teaching hospital through free college bus transport system. RMC is a state-run Medical University, so it has a flat fee structure as compared to the private institutes of Pakistan, so the ratio of applicants for admission is high as compared to the private medical colleges. With a large influx of applicants, the entrance test for Rawalpindi Medical College is tough, and the open merit is, even more, harder.

The college is affiliated and recognized by PMDC, UHS, and KEMU. The college is listed in International Medical Education Directory; it has an excellent WHO rating. Registered in Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education (FAIMER), there are several scientific journals posted by the students of RMS accepted and implemented by International Doctors’ Community. Post Graduate degree in Medical Sciences are awarded separately; the FCPS degree recognized by the College of Surgeons and Physicians of Pakistan in association with IAMRA.Rawalpindi Medical College Admissions And Scholarships

Rawalpindi Medical College is affiliated and recognized by General Medical Council of the UK, and medical registration with the state of Illinois in the USA. The universities conduct students and faculty exchange programs between affiliated colleges. The faculty training programs are conducted around the clock keeping the professors up-to-date with the changing trends in medicinal sciences.

Rawalpindi Medical College Admissions:

The admissions are held once every year;there are seats available on both open merit as well as a quota system. All the students from Pakistan and AJK are eligible to appear for the entrance test. There are special quota seats for disabled, need-based, underdeveloped areas, and for AJK, GB, and FATA. There are few reserved seats for dual nationals and foreign students. The entry tests are held under KEMU; the merit list is prepared by King Edward Medical College, Lahore. The admissions start in August every year; advertisements are publicized in all the leading newspapers of the country. The entrance tests took place on 28th August 2016. Normally, it is held in the last week of August. There are special amenities in overall aggregate for disabled and Hafiz e Quran students. The last date for the confirmation of admission after submitting a Challan is 15th October, for fee admission, the last date is 21st October. After 15th October, the merit list is displayed after two weeks, and the regular classes for MBBS start from 14th November. The BDS classes are commenced exactly after one month.

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Rawalpindi Medical College Fee Structure:

The fee structure as instructed by PMDC for public colleges is Rs. 40,000 annually. The registration fee and miscellaneous charges for the first year sum up to Rs. 60,000 for the first year excluding hostel and mess charges. The hostel fee per year is 36,000 whereas the hostelsare located on-campus and outside the campus. There are few seats for self-finance students, the fee structure for self-financed students is similar to the private medical students fee i.e. Rs. 600,000 per year tuition fee. After the registration fee and summing up other charges, it may exceed Rs. 900,000 per year.

Rawalpindi Medical College Merit List:

King Edwards Medical University displays three merit lists after a week’s period. The final merit lists are confirmed after the submission of the fee by selected candidates. Otherwise, the seat is awarded to the waiting candidate as described by PMDC. The minimum eligibility criteria for RMC is 60% marks obtained in the respective 14-year education program. For international students, SAT score of 550 is minimum to be eligible.Rawalpindi Medical College Admissions And Scholarships

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Scholarships offered by Rawalpindi Medical College:

RMC offer dozens of scholarships; the college is also eligible for all the schemes for Punjab, KPK, Sindh, and Baluchistan students. Prime Minister and Chief Minister fee reimbursement and laptop schemes are also provided to RMC students. Several fee concession scholarships, funded international scholarship including fee concession and full-fee scholarships for five students, PEEF, siblings scholarships, Military Personnel children grants, and federal & provincial scholarships are offered at regular intervals for the deserving students.

Courses offered at Rawalpindi Medical College:

RMC not only admit MBBS students for its undergraduate program; there are also other categories in allied and post-graduate medical sciences that include BSc. (Hons.), DPT, MIT, MLT, & Optometry. Nursing courses are conducted side-by-side with professional undergraduate and post-graduate courses. The MCPS, MRCP, MRCS, MRCOG and FCPS programs are affiliated degree programs with degrees accredited from UK and USA.

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